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  1. τhεShiττyShoω

    5:54 "so Dave ... 'zup with your boy?"

  2. Together

    Love yourself Relay3683

  3. Together

    Love yourself Relay3683

  4. Patrick Bernacer

    when karens rejoice

  5. Muni Math by Peter Felton

    Bernie is better, brighter, bolder, realer, heartier, more hardworking, etc. etc. etc. than every other American politician currently in office from the top down.

  6. 이지예


  7. Linda Kennedy

    Will We Ever Find Out Why Chris Christie & Lindsay With an E..&( Ted Cruz...No Relation To Tom Cruise....Except Both Love Cults)...Can't Quit TRUMP?????...Like That Guy Who's Wife Doesn't Know He's Been Stoned For 50 Years...& Honestly Thinks He Has IBS & Has Been Waiting For Him To Come Out Of Restrooms 🚻 Since Their First Date At A DENNY'S In 1976!!!!!....

  8. Ml Megret

    I’m a life long Beatles fan and now just this year 2021 became a BTS ARMY!!!!

  9. a2b

    are some people at CBS really paid to beep 4-letter words

  10. Amit Kar

    I'm an American who happened to grow up overseas and benefitted from a genuinely international experience of learning world history. Kids in other countries learn their own history of course, but when it comes to major global events, they learn about it from a genuinely global perspective. So in regards to WW2 students elsewhere learn about Dunkirk, and the Battle of Britain, and the fall of Singapore, and the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, El Alamein, the fighting in Myanmar (then Burma), the Battle of Stalingrad, the contribution of men and women from all over the world, as well as Pearl Harbor, Midway, Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, and everything else after the US got involved. It shocked me to realize most Americans didn't know about Dunkirk but, unfortunately, for the most part in the States students learn only about the (vitally important) American role and learn very little of anything else. This really needs to change: it's how we learn to respect one another.

  11. Hello PurpleClouds

    So weird watching this in 2021 because Stephen looks so different .... and a studio audience ..... and .... hugging!

  12. Samadhi Selena Marr

    When will Stephen stop saying "'cause you can't put peanut butter on an orange"? ...It is in every bloody video!

  13. Kerri Grandmaison

    OMG! Stephens spewing this stuff too, sad

  14. Kathleen Young

    He is just lovely!

  15. Matt Hyslip

    Two liberals trying to sound cute and smart.

  16. Jessie Crimson Hart


  17. 18 Ritika Sharma

    Here's a correction ARMY 💜 Tae said I'm a good boy. But he wanted to say that : "I'm a Gucci boy " 😂

  18. Yo niceu paprika

    Stephen- where would you see yourself in 10 years LIL meow meow- maybe 36

  19. Renee Fern

    Baby hounds are so cute 🥺 floppy boyyy

  20. Blackout City Music

    “Damnit you stole my good bye!”

  21. Kristin Bradshaw

    Back to re watch this glorious day, while Steven takes a week off now in may 2021! Wahoo Biden won!

  22. John Akridge

    They should get sued for this alone. Its passive hostility Propaganda twoard Donald Trump purposely on their channel. And they did this day in day out. Definitely Propaganda

    1. Case 2_0

      And none of them are talking about Biden continuing it

  23. B0Nnaaay

    Smigel is the tits!

  24. Aishwarya Sharma Fan Page

    Koba - Ceaser Weak Ceaser - Koba Weaker 🔥

  25. Tory Sama

    He makes so much sense. Biden is so smart.

  26. alexander khizhnyakov

    вот только это была не дверь !

  27. User 1

    Everyone is talking about how rude stephen was but they dont realize one thing He even threw away the shirt

  28. Kristin Bradshaw

    Steven been off all week so I’m re watching from the beginning of the pandemic. Lol having trump PTSD. thank God we have a new president now.

  29. Uriah Thomas

    Now I don't know how old killer Mike is, but if he's old enough, should he run for the office of President of the United States of America, he will definitely get my vote. REAL SPILL BABY!

  30. todd larkin

    I'll help carry the rail

  31. Ro G


  32. todd larkin

    I'll help carry the rail

  33. Niklas bla

    Cant believe what a great satirist that guy was and now he is doing propaganda for the torture and mass surveillance people

  34. #HEARTNHUSTLE #liveakickasslife

    3:53 the second you know he’s a miserable piece of shit (Tom Segura)

  35. Erica dawn Cena dewitt

    I love Johncena ahh

  36. Tim Luther

    This is all the News everyone in the WORLD should be talking about right now === usfilm.info/fire/n9iEhnSsqcGFy64/video.html

  37. D Bechtel

    I can't ever tell if he's in character. Or if he is character

  38. Kitsunary

    As terrifying as digidog is, I'd rather a robot get harmed over an actual dog.

  39. Nathaniel Gousset

    Evelyne Beatrice Hall never said that. She was quoting Voltaire in her biography of the french philosopher...

  40. Eshwar Singh

    0.57 when you is the wife of obama

  41. G. Teck

    Thank you

  42. Anderson Valença


  43. D R

    I can do this and I'm not athletic; I just believe people like this control your future. It's sad.

  44. bit byte

    How can you not like this guy?

  45. Jack Scratch

    Show was funnier when Trump made Colbert crazy. Liberals are goofy.

  46. Shiny Gurrana

    This show has turned into a small concert💜

  47. AJ Deadshow

    3:14 this response was so good lol. The last joke

  48. Michael Hunter

    Since when was it not difficult for him to work with him, even before the insurrection?

  49. Bucur Ilie

    Stephen by the time you finished your little interview, he just invented God only knows what. This guy's brain works differently than ours mortals.

  50. Sun Kky

    Es una genia. ARGENTINAAA PAPÁ!!!

  51. Moo Ol

    Hey does anyone know what happened to the rioter everyone called me maw. I haven’t heard about her and idk if I’ve missed it or if there isn’t any news on her?

  52. Leon Deveraux

    Plussy! Not now

  53. Nicolle Guimarães

    This guy is a terrible interviewer

  54. Vi Kartika


  55. GA FFE

    Johnny Depp (victim) VS Amber Heard (master manipulator) = Elon Musk (the simp) = subpoena! silicone Valley money protecting Elon over entanglement with Amber while she was married to JD lol) = USfilm + Twitter (covering the truth) Also, FBI + Australian court VS Amber committed purgery FYI, Elon Musk & James Franco, seen at Johnny Depp penthouse, creepers sneaking in by Amber while married to JD. Thus the subpoena for both men by Depp. Wow.

  56. Faye & Bob

    If mask's were effective why get the vax? If the vax is effective why wear a mask? Viruses have been around since time began, SARS-COV2 is not the deadly virus we were warned about 15 months ago.

  57. Garrett Mobley

    So are we getting close to finally going back to a live show....maybe with half capacity?

  58. Nope Nope

    they do get old. his comments. sam, trevor and steve all sided with hillary. wasnt a bernie bro but looking back.....

  59. Menendez Francisco

    Jeff Goldblum does a great Jeff Goldblum


    If anyone is interested in Stand up Comedy in China. Search for Dayo Wong. He is pretty much the one and only ethnic Chinese Comedian that is very popular and well known in the Cantonese community especially in Hong Kong.

  61. ISEEU2

    I like Mr Hanks cool guy

  62. Maxine Cooper

    It was all set up it wasn't a true vote and Hillary knows it

  63. James Turner

    I always thought you had a live audience in the Ed Sullivan. Now, I know that you just recorded Evelyn, and played it back in a staggered chorus. 🤣

  64. Bakugo Katsuki


  65. Thanh Duong Ben Mansour

    alexander skarsgard has changed. now, he has extremely high self esteem. it always takes that to be a spy for swedish royal navy

  66. William lebron -Rentas

    Eric Trump i will see you soon and I want you to hear the live stream theres still corruption from the usa motel 6 brooklawn nj is under investigation they have candle lit also Facebook and columbia Boro police department

  67. Sal

    oh boy..

  68. Linda Slattery

    Would love Stephan to interview Vietnam Vets and ask what they think of Jane Fonda.

  69. Joshua Peterson

    Only obscure pop song

  70. Sherry Lang

    You go Biden!!! Help those needing help!!!

  71. Phil B

    Come Together was the right answer.

  72. Ulrich Fulcrum

    Shes literally a mixture of Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Aniston..😂

  73. Kate C

    The GOAT

  74. Keerthana Kanamarlapudi

    Jimin is killing me..

  75. kyoneko 87


  76. S Fender

    "Fatima" the movie is to be re-released on May 7 2021 at AMC theatres. See this wonderful movie about The Blessed Virgin Mary's 6 appearances at Fatima, Portugal in 1913 ...and she appeared on the 13th day of each month...which culminated with the wonderful "miracle of the sun" which was the miracle that Mary promised would happen (at her final appearance) and around 70,000 people came to see this....and they witnessed the sun dancing in the sky with colors shooting off of it...and this story appeared in the newspapers...The sun also approached the earth and after this the earth and everyone's clothing suddenly became totally dry after several days of heavy rain. She said...I will provide a miracle so that ALL will believe and she didn't disappoint! And May 13th is the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima and it's also the day we celebrated the Ascension of Our Lord into heaven. And Harvey Keitel and other great actors appear in the movie..highly recommended!

  77. Hazard

    Is it just me or this is way too cringe. Not funny at all. This guy has worst sense of humour.