Veuve Canard D'Epernay Is Your Go-To Pandemic Champagne

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    The champagne that's perfect any time... like right now! #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Mr. Observer

      0:36 😲📚

    2. Luxsword29

      "vouve" lol

    3. fatmn

      More like this, please!

    4. D Bone

      Widow Duck. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

    5. Samson Delilah

      What a load of usa bs

    6. EastSider

      “Why not celebrate the little things with champagne?” They’re not wrong about that.

    7. Joey Levenson

      Isn’t the thug on the street one of Conan’s staff or writer? I think I’ve seen him in one of the skits.

      1. Valerie J. Norse

        He was. Brian Stack joined "The Late Show" in 2015, and he's done a lot of skits for Colbert. My favorite recurring one is the two funny lawyers -- I wish I could remember their names -- who pop up doing bad commercials giving advice to crisis-ridden politicians.

    8. Ladybug

      Absolutely hilarious! Just what you need from time to time - a good laugh. Thank you so much.


      Gaspiller ce breuvage divin en explosant des bouteilles sur un bowling !!! Quelle bande de barbares ! Du ketchup OK , mais pas du champagne .

    10. Charles Hamilton

      Hmmm...the fine folks over at Moët & Chandon must be cringing as you used a mock-up of a Dom Pérignon label for this skit.

    11. Nanyu Busnis

      Rolling on the floor laughing at "christen a new book" thinking that couldn't be topped, only to see "christen a new bottle of champagne" and roll on the floor over again.

    12. epicvoiceguy

      Adding this to my demo. Thanks, Stephen! 🍾 (my eye is fine btw)

      1. Un Related

        Was it you, John Bailey? Working with the Late Show? Awesome! Congrats! Great work as usual

      2. Arion661

        Amazing job like usual Jon!

      3. D Bone

        @Van Sage Definately, no one cares about your spam.

      4. Van Sage

        @Reese Flynn definitely, have been watching on Flixzone for years myself :D

      5. Reese Flynn

        a trick : watch movies on Flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

    13. Christie Hall

      Mmm, a canard is a joke/lie in French. April Fool’s is Canard d’Avril.

      1. JEAN PIERRE

        @Daniella McGee Merci pour l'explication , je me demandais ce que signifiait cette histoire de canard ...( Canard-Duchêne est une marque de champagne réputée de la Montagne de Reims , aucun rapport avec le poisson d'avril ). En tout cas cette blague sur le masque est très bonne !

      2. Daniella McGee

        April Fools is Poisson D'Avril, though. Fish, not duck. Someone wrote a joke on Twitter about Canard D'Avril with the face mask in profile looking like a duck's beak. Canard D'Avril is a restaurant in Paris.

      3. Denise SEVIER-FRIES

        Does that make Chad Kroeger Avril's Canard?

    14. maiano guillaume

      Why the Italian accent?

    15. qwertyuiop

      It seems such a shame to waste all that champagne.

    16. Jackson

      This sounds like Jon Bailey.

      1. Edmund Snow

        It is

    17. fisher king

      The widow Duck? Is that Donalds grandma?

    18. WD Harris

      You don't break champagne bottles and waste all that delicious bubbly!!!!!.......It's just wrong. #alcoholabuse

    19. amuletk

      Never waste champagne. Bad luck

    20. LieselMD

      Widow duck from Epernay?

    21. Angry Doggy

      In most cases I do celebrate opening a bottle of Champagne by opening another bottle. Looks like I got the right idea.

    22. TheEvertw

      While hilarious, do try to pronounce the French words better when impersonating an french man speaking English ;-)

      1. fisher king

        Yeah you heard that too? That veuve sounded rather strange

      2. TheEvertw

    23. chez moi

      Mon dieu, que c'est bon! 🥂

    24. Steve Nickerson

      I give you my two thumbs. Now that they are separated from my body, who can tell if they are thumbs up? I enjoyed the bit. Because of that i won’t send my thumbs. Please understand that they are pointed north (Sequestered box), thumbs up, unless you are Sami, then the map is inverted as if they rule the world. No, the intention is two thumbs up. Thank you for a few moments of peace. I enjoyed the segment. Shutting up now.

    25. Ned Ludd

      Where's the joke?

    26. kiha

      Whose voice was that?🤔 Antonio's?

      1. Edmund Snow

        It's epicvoiceguy (Jon Bailey)

      2. My Shadow

        I was wondering too

      3. TheMymlan

        Iz a veri zzzzexi voice!

    27. Paul Correia


    28. Duang Chuang


    29. Marianne Flambert

      Too much champagne ! 140 patients were administered saline solution instead of the Pfizer vaccine 💉 The authorities in Epernay conducted a probe into the incident. They didn’t disclose the reasons for the mixed up.

    30. Cancun771

      "The *Widow* of the *Duck* from Epernay" ah huh.

      1. Christel Headington

        Mercy, all I knew was duck.

      2. Sophie Robinson

        AakeTraak with coconut?

      3. AakeTraak

        Or an African Sparrow?

      4. U. Synlig

        Perfect, when paired with a _confit de canard_ [d’Epernay].

    31. Napoléon I Bonaparte

      When CBS people ask where their budget went:

    32. Kryzo-P

      I was born near Épernay, nice free advertising, thanks Monsieur Colbert.

      1. D Bone

        Are there a lot of widow ducks there?

      2. Kaas1202

        The pronunciation est horrible

      3. JEAN PIERRE

        Kryzo-P Salut ami Sparnacien . Un bonjour de Reims !

      4. fisher king

        I think Dom Perignon is a better known inhabitant

      5. Angry Doggy

        I’ll be visiting your area once the measures are lifted. I’m almost out of stock and there’s nothing like starting a lazy Sunday by opening a nice bottle. Or opening one on any other day when c’est l’heure de l’apéritive.

    33. Yuriel Cundangan

      Veuve Canard: *POURS Rona: DECREASEESSS

    34. Yuriel Cundangan

      Veuve Canard: *POURS Rona: DECREASEESSSS

    35. Yuriel Cundangan

      Veuve Canard: *POURS Rona: Decreasessssss

      1. chez moi

        Do you spam every post on purpose, or do you just have a heavy hand on the 'reply' button?

    36. Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius

      People with small hands may not be able to hold the bottle and pop the cork! 🍾 (Not that there’s much to celebrate because their lawyer and their lawyer’s lawyer just got raided by the FBI.)

      1. Denise SEVIER-FRIES


    37. Chris Andersen

      Yet, the label looks Dom Perignon? Canard indeed. Ya’ll are a punchy after that live show. Aren’t you?

    38. Alain Archambault

      Too bad I'm a teetotaler.

      1. Valerie J. Norse

        @Daniella McGee -- Thank you so much!

      2. Daniella McGee

        @Valerie J. Norse Btw. I have noticed you around in comment sections and always enjoy reading your comments. Thanks! :D

      3. Daniella McGee

        @Valerie J. Norse Yes! In fact I feel like smashing a few bottles right now.

      4. Valerie J. Norse

        @Daniella McGee -- That bowling ball smashing champagne bottles looked AWESOME.

      5. Daniella McGee

        There's always ten bottle bowling and self defense. In fact, I have found not being a drinker is a great defense for unwanted attention!

    39. Arctic IceFox

      You know what this needs? Orson Wells

      1. Wes

        Or, as the show business world knows him, Maurice LaMarche.

    40. New Message

      I'll drink to that. and anything else, really.. it's been a hard lockdown.

      1. Gyrene_asea


      2. New Message

        @gaia Done and done!

      3. gaia

        Lockdown too, but muslim. Drink for me please.

      4. Nadia Calembe

        I feel you!

    41. EverythingisEverything


    42. Qwerty and Azerty


    43. 1 Din Darbar Tay

      ولی اولیا کے دربار دیکھتے رہو شکریہG7

    44. Austin Harris



      Stephen is my idol, funny and smart. I want to host a late show or a game show in the future, recently I made my own game show on my channel if you interested 😊