Great Moments in Joint Address History: George W. Bush's Axis of Evil

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    After President George W. Bush's 2002 joint address warning about an "axis of evil", a talent booker invites him on network TV 19 years later to rehabilitate his image.
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    Clip air date 4/27/2021

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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. james eaton

      Joe Biden already been identified as that

    2. G.T. G.T.

      NICE WORK! Appreciated that truth telling.

    3. faarsight

      Hundreds of thousands? Try millions.

    4. Renard Leblanc

      By the time you're calling something an "axis," do you even need to add "of evil?" An axis of *anything* sounds pretty sinister: axis of puppies, axis of crayons, axis of taxis. Really, it tells the whole story.

    5. Jay Jones

      It took a lot of courage from Colbert to make fun of Bush so powerfully in front of him years ago

    6. Sharpshooter649

      Evil Kinivel is part of the Axis of Evil

    7. Mikey Kliss

      Damn!!! I'm glad someone has the balls to call Bush a war criminal but I'm shocked to see it lol

    8. Napoléon I Bonaparte

      The GQP and their cash friends...

    9. GiarkReleos

      is good

    10. Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises

      My feelings exactly!!!

    11. Bait Hunter

      Sick burn

    12. tedmich

      Deaths in Iraq are closer to 1M due to Bush, one of the greatest war criminals of all time!

    13. wae tunes

      Yea, JIMMY!

    14. ED S

      OMG you went there

    15. Rocky Slope

      No new show tonight? Damn it all to hell. 😖

    16. The Progressive Worker

      The Democratic Party seems to want to keep Republican in the mix even after all they’ve put Americans through. I can only imagine they’re doing it for Republican votes in 2022. Trying to keep establishment Republicans is more of a liability than it’s worth in my humble opinion. Democrats should just repeal the filibuster and do as much good as they can. Trust that’ll pay off. That’s an unbeatable strategy, one Republican seem morally and politically incapable of matching.

    17. Charles Chandler

      Joe did a great job..!.. great delivery..!..face 'it'!!!...:)

    18. A D

      Bush was a useful idiot. Cheney and Rumsfeld were the architects of his administration.

    19. Hasoon! Macaroon

      Just days after GWB was on Jimmy Kimmel Live 🤔

    20. Van A

      Once upon a time Colbert wasn't such a political hack. Sad to see the diminution over the years.

    21. S T

      I’d say “shots fired!”, but if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there…

      1. Charles Chandler

        I guess nobody cares about oil anymore!?!...or cocain??...:)

    22. New Message

      Heheh.. 'Joint'.

    23. Kyle Sanders

      Jenna Hagar Bush shade. Lookin' at you NBC

    24. Simon Grogan

      My thoughts exactly.

    25. N R

      I still don't believe 9/11 was Al-Qaeda's idea. I don't care how unpopular or “distasteful” or outdated that idea is, I've sat and thought about it myself and it doesn't make a lick of sense to me. Bush scored the biggest pay-off in the history of the world with 9/11 his sword and shield.

    26. Shazaad Ibrahim

      Meanwhile... Colbert rehabilitates John Boehner, John Bolton, Anthony Scaramucci, Sean Spicer, and, TBA in the near future (insert Right-Wing criminal here)

      1. G.T. G.T.

        You're a little off point. Remember the Towers falling....where was Bush Sr? At a meeting with the Bilderburg Group watching what they instigation on LIVE TV.. Bush Jr....Played dumb and let it happen.

    27. Solar122

      There's an Axis of Evil all right. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

    28. Kendu

      The axis of evil always has the US on top

    29. Faiyaz Khan

      Thank you for holding to the truth

    30. RedJay Pictures

      Im gonna be honest here, these segments are heavily dipping in quality, the jokes aren’t funny, and they immediately turn around and explain the joke as if we’re all too smooth brained to understand political humor, step up your game guys

    31. Susan Keefer

      Never forget that G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney are responsible for the deaths of thousands of our soldiers in their phony war.

    32. Kelly KaPOWski

      Hmm 🤔, I do wonder how many axis of evil I can withstand in my lifetime. This century sure has sucked so far! 😁

      1. Future Commentary

        Oh that's so true. That's how we started this century. 20 years on we are still at it.... But better this than what happened in the first 20 years of the past century.

    33. Immortal Asirpa

      And then I'd spend your ransom money But still I'd keep your sheep I'd peel the mask you're wearing Then rob you of your sleep *I'm making a career of the Axis of Evil* 😎

    34. jeff7775

      Bush and the Iraq war murdered up to 1 mil people and completely destabilized the area, leading to the creation of isis. The US has murdered up to 150k civilians in Afghanistan since 2001. Oh and we just backed a reactionary coup in Bolivia and fawn all over - as well as arm - the Saudis who are behind a genocidal campaign in Yemen. Want to honestly and factually evaluate candidates for an “Axis of evil?” Start with the USA...

    35. Benny Sum

      OMG *Axis of EVIL* 😱

    36. Davis Mendoza Darusman

      If Trump ends up being a guest on Late Night with Addison Rae in 19 years, please kill me before it airs.

    37. Laura C.B. Devlin


    38. Tamera Chance

      America sent an army halfway around the world to oust a dictator it formally supported. The gas weapons Hussein was accused of using, were sold/provided by Donald Rumsfeld during the REAGAN administration. Not a SINGLE ONE of the reasons given by George W Bush, during that particular State of the Union address were the reasons listed in the arrest and execution of Saddam Hussein. HOW MANY AMERICANS even bothered to care to watch any of the trial of Saddam Hussein ?? The very notion of JUSTICE has been warped beyond recognition since the REHNQUIST court. 😑🇺🇸

    39. Sean bou


    40. Ezra Kirkpatrick

      And yet George Bush is somehow a saint compared to the current GOP.

      1. Sun Shine

        That’s how far we’ve fallen.

    41. osvie01

      I've said it many times during the travesty of the previous administration and that is that 45 becoming President was the best thing to happen to Bush because his own crimes are now being ignored. Every show that he appears for interviews they treat him like the Dalai Lama. It is damn insane.

      1. Preston Allan

        @Ephraim Jedidiah yup, have been using Flixzone for months myself :D

      2. Ephraim Jedidiah

        A trick : you can watch series on Flixzone. I've been using them for watching loads of movies recently.

      3. Nathan Croucher

        Every time i see bush on TV i remember he's an untried war criminal. So the extra publicity he's getting might not work in his favor.

      4. Klaus World

        When will people understand Trump was controlled? He was in massive debt and he is a degenerate. Biden is corporate puppet. The corporations are using his presidency to fund human capital markets. Look up Social Impact Investing.

      5. Shazaad Ibrahim

        Colbert helps rehabilitate every right-wing liar

    42. Faithism

      Whoever animated this worked on the show Archer I’m calling it now. Also hi Stephen love ya

      1. fen

        It's likely some of the people who worked on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law which Stephen was a major part of (you can still hear his Reducto voice at times on this show).

    43. Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius

      This is an excellent dig at Jimmy Kimmel & Ellen DeGeneres.

      1. Marcos Gibson007

        And Obama is friends with Bush W this is a scandal

      2. F. N. Lorter

        Stephen had Rumsfield in and didn't hit him hard enough for this shit.

      3. Sun Shine

        Then they should jab Stephen about Boehner.

      4. Be Vegan And Prosper 🖖🌱

        Yes! And a well deserved dig at that

    44. Associates & GIvens

      Another TOTN Brief: Did he say “Axis of Evil” or “Asses of Evil?” Both could describe people in the Bush43 Administration! Thanks TOTN Team!

      1. Mel Clifford

        Actually he said Axle of Elvis.

    45. Florida Guy

      Ha I freaking love you guys. 😂

    46. Francisco Orozco

      The fact that Bush got away, made Trump possible

      1. mori1bund

        @Sun Shine Also let's not forget that the same people who like to complain about cancel culture were the ones who tried to cancel the Dixie Chicks because of their rightful opposition to the Iraq war.

      2. Dave S

        American culture made Trump und Bush jr possible.

      3. Sun Shine

        Yup. Everyone who turned against The Dixie Chicks because of W, is a full time trumper. Also, we can blame NBC for giving him a reality show.

      4. Drace90

        If I had a penny for everyone who nonsensical reason for why Trump happened, I could pay off the defecit.

      5. Ana Maria Marquez

        Francisco Orozco, you ar sooooo right...

    47. King Masterlord

      oh how I don't miss the days of hearing about the dangers of turr and the turris

      1. Shane Maybury


    48. Kevin B Willson

      Keller of Hundreds of Thousands costing only One Trillion not counting the over 11 years

    49. Marlon Brewski

      Isn’t Bush JR like one of the most evil politicians who’s ever lived? His backstory is bloodcurdling.

      1. Don b

        all while talking up "compassionate conservatism".

      2. Ana Maria Marquez

        Absolutely, I just can't believe he has no shame... The Bush's father and son are part of the worst, darkest years in America... That's what's still wrong, some Republicans, including the Lincoln project and democrats like the Obama's the Clinton's, to "make that everything alright" that Trump is the culprit all... Wrong, it all started with Reagan and if they do not acknowledge that, nothing will work... To make it right, they have to go deep to clean it all...😤💪🙏

      3. Sun Shine

        Nowhere near as evil as his dad or Cheney.

    50. Hailey Manning

      If you want a chef bring Gino D’Acampo on the show!

    51. John Polishimpossible2say

      This went over my head I think. What did I miss?

      1. eclectrickery

        @John Polishimpossible2say You're welcome!

      2. John Polishimpossible2say

        @eclectrickery Thank you for solving that mystery for me, I got that the cartoon lady was referencing something recent, but had no clue he was on Ellen and Jimmy. I think Leno also did something recently where he hung out with him on his farm in his pickup truck or something. That is only now coming to mind.

      3. Auma the Warrior Mouse

        @eclectrickery Bold of you to just assume that a cheerful joke is "snide" 😜

      4. eclectrickery

        @John Polishimpossible2say Gracious of you to accept these sneering overreactions to your simple question with such good humor! To answer you, GWB was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel the other day, very chatty and chummy, and also on Ellen Degeneres (I didn't see it). The cartoon is disapproving of that and I guess, Stephen wouldn't have him on his show or would ask the hard questions if he did? Comments are reacting to that. I'm not making any. Haven't watched Biden's speech yet. Hope that sheds some light :0)

      5. Anony Mouse

        @John Polishimpossible2say despite apl the bad stuff that can be laid at gwb's feet, news and talk show hosts will have him on and treat him like hes just a fuddly goofball

    52. Cidalia Borges


    53. Slamz Dunk

      Do not rehabilitate this person Steven!

      1. Nathanial Hopkins

        @Klaus World lol

      2. Klaus World

        Colbert pushes the narrative for the hedge funds and banks.

      3. Slamz Dunk

        @Daniel Krieger No, please summarize.

      4. Immortal Asirpa

        @Daniel Krieger um.....did you read the description?

      5. Daniel Krieger

        did you........ watch the video?

    54. Jack B

      The War on Terror is over. Terror won. And so trendy right now.