Grandpa Joe Has A Biden Ticket

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    It is absolutely the hottest ticket in town. #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Bede the Bitter

      Grandpa Joe is objectively the worst human being in the history of cinema. Guess he's fitting that he loves the democrats. Gets more of those welfare checks while he sits on his lazy ass.

    2. labj143

      Major and Champ are so cute!

    3. Martin Newman

      Brilliant!! Very funny! The Republicans are the shit show, and it’s so weird to see people fawning and begging to work with Trump, with all that he’s done to make America a laughing stock in the world. Thank God Joe Biden is a decent man and is working hard to make America great again. How ironic that he’s having to undo the damage of a President who only had his own interests at heart, and still does, and actually doing what Trump’s hats declaimed. Thanks Joe, the world is grateful to you.

    4. Chelsea R.


    5. Maribel Caudillo

      I like "The Late Show" virtual better! The sketches, animations, musicals, Stephen's wife laughs and Steven silliness is all the show needs. No music or actor guess nor audience!

    6. Brian Gonigal

      The ad I got right before this? The Apple spot pushing their new blue iPhone color using the original version of the “Candyman” song from this same movie.

    7. Deborah Zal

      Stop glorifying the insurrection and the awful things these criminals did!

    8. Admiralty86

      Wow! Well done! I usually don't enjoy these intros.

    9. Bill Thompson

      for those of us who recall Jack Albertson’s distinctive voice, the dubber fell shy of conveying, oh, let’s call it Grampiness - parallel, tho unrelated to truthiness, save the verisimilitude component. He was craggy of tone as Chico’s Man, which, no doubt, made him a shoo-in for grampa in original Willy Wonka movie.

    10. Estoy Hasta LaMadre

      I just don't GET IT... If "science is settled" come BIDEN is allocating billions $$$ on Climate Change "RESEARCH" and Paris Accord BULLSHIT?? zero-carbon BY 2050? SHIT, THE ERA OF STUPID ...Zero emissions from ENERGY by 2030??? How come an entire nation believes such BULLSHIT demagoguery???? Does it mean that the entire USA army, navy, and air forces will be TERMINATED ???...USA military apparatus has emitted 1,212 million metric tons of GHG in 6 years (measured in CO2equivalent, or CO2e). And of these military operations, it is estimated that total war-related emissions including for the “overseas contingency operations” Just in the major war zones of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria, more than 400 Million Metric Tons of CO2e...NOT TAKING INTO ACCOUNT: WATTER, FOOD, CLOTHING, COMMUNICATIONS, CIVIL TRANSPORT, HOME EMISSIONS...ETC ETC... MORE THAN ALL AUTOMOBILES IN THE CONTINENTAL USA. So either Biden and AOC are sublime hypocrites or they are conveniently very, very STUPID!...iN FACT IS ONLY MORE AND MORE MONEY FOR THE USUAL SUSPECTS! IT IS TIME FOR “THEM WARMERS” TO FUCK OFF!!! The catastrophic apocalypses did not happen!! They have kicked the can for decades…is enough! It like the second coming of Jesus….not today, tomorrow! For decades now the entire planet has been tortured by the perverse dogma created by a group of deranged sick ultra-greedy groups. You know “the usual suspects.” The common novel but ignorant (In regard to scams and big monetary subterfuges) people that work hard, sustain a family, enjoy the real value of life like family BBQs sons, daughters a wonderful woman or man, family, sunsets, dawns, a get the picture…and PAY TAXES!! The good people that believe in politicians, scientists, priests, and all the parasitic scum of the IPCC, NASA, NOAA…zoo. Criminals, vampires, and immoral media hoes, soaking the blood of society venting the flames of manipulated data, dogma, and fear through the shock doctrine! The good news is: they all said the by 2020 the planet will be destroyed No Food No Polar Ice No beaches No New York No water No Jungle No Amazonia No Coral Riffs No…No…No…No!!! Nothing! So..if their apocalyptic forecasts came and go! IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO FUCK UP!!! I PISS OF WITH STUPID TAUTOLOGIST OBSESSED WITH TAKING OR TAX MONEY BY THE SITH LOAD!! Who do you think is going to pay for the NET ZERO CARBON SHIT??? Biden? Ocasio Cortes? Trump? Obama? Greta Thunderbird? Nop!….Is me and you, to the tune of $1,500 US per capita a year! For the next 79 years!! They will be long gone yes…in their Yates, with their beautiful houses with air-conditioned, traveling the world scaring young kids…they need several generations of ignorant slaves!

    11. Kim Clarke

      This is awesome. Good job!

    12. Michael Greene

      Stephen has lots of free time on his hands lately. Can we have more, please?💖

    13. xseqer


    14. David Connell

      Ça c’était merveilleux!! Etiquette d’or.

    15. Soyborne. Born, made, and undone by the soy.

      Colbert writers are why we even show up to this channel lolz.

    16. Chris Hupp


    17. Martha Villegas

      Stephen Colbert and team deserve a raise, maybe an Oscar too... Oh wait Batiste won an Oscar!! 💖

    18. Kevin Street

      Pretty sure Major is the biter. You're fine with Champ.

    19. Riley McPhee

      There was a lot of love that went into this.

    20. 007vsMagua

      Good God, how do they come up with this stuff:)


      Ok. Let the losers stay out

    22. Metal Gaming Warrior


    23. Denise Stark

      Comedy gold!

    24. Jonah B


    25. Parmesana

      that was beautiful! golden!

    26. Ollie Vaughn


    27. Javier Fernandez

      Very nice.

    28. Tadicuslegion78

      damn Stephen's got a set of pipes on him.

    29. Henry Dawkins

      The video they should have used was if I only had a brain for Donald Frump. They wouldn't even have to change the lyrics 😊

      1. Dora Dennis

        ORANGE MAN BAD!! 🤣🤣

    30. My Getaway

      Major and Champ woulda done a better job than the Capitol Police that's for sure

    31. John Antonucci

      Grandpa Joe is TRASH. (Not a Biden reference, but a reference to that deadbeat who decided to stay bed ridden for 20 years of his own accord only to LEAP from that same bed when he thought he could seize a chocolate factory!)

    32. Kindsey


    33. Scryndi SouthFlorida

      Major and champ got thrown in a whole new tile floor environment with no transition my poor babies

    34. Poo Ninja


    35. kingbadmovie

      Who let Grandpa Joe out of prison? Frigging scumbag.

    36. Derek Ho 2013's

      Stephen Colbert grandpa joe has a trump vs Biden wonderful tickets

    37. ArcaJ

      Major and Champ are very good boys. 😃🐶

    38. Derek Mulready

      Sarcasm I just Love 💕 it. REALLY IRISH 🇮🇪🇪🇺

    39. Napoléon I Bonaparte

      Trump was Augustus and that spoiled kid at the same time.

      1. Dora Dennis

        Will you ever stop whining about Trump?

      2. Cmorris94

        Veruca salt

    40. Left Is Best

      This is one of their best. 🤣😂🤣😂

    41. The Cooper Tech Kid

      People are acting like Biden has actually saved America. Come back to in 4 years and prove the doubters wrong! Not having it only after a few months 🙄

      1. Dora Dennis

        Biden can't even save people from getting bitten by his They are so wrapped up in hatred of Trump that they can't see how awful Biden is.

      2. The Cooper Tech Kid

        @Derek Mulready ....... It's all talk at the moment......... Just like when Trump was in power!

      3. Derek Mulready

        Compare the first 100 Days of trumpie To BIDEN Note the Difference. 🇮🇪🇪🇺

      4. The Cooper Tech Kid

        @Moira Wargo a lefty I see 😂😂😂

      5. Moira Wargo

        can not even use a fucking spellchecker right.

    42. RHayabusa

      Best part 1:17 😉.

    43. MrStGeorgeIllawarra

      God I hate all the shitty songs in this film that ruin it. Other than The Candman and Pure Imagination, of course. Cheer Up Charlie is coma inducing.

    44. cale

      grandpa joe is a jerk

      1. kingbadmovie

        Couldn't agree more.

    45. Richo

      Bravo 👏 👏 👏

    46. Zesty

      1:31 “Major will undergo some additional training to help him adjust to life in the White House,” a spokesman said. T****** was in desperate need of the same training, but never received it. Sad!

      1. Duchess of Earl Grey

        @Magick Moi Neither was the guy who smeared poop in Congress.

      2. Magick Moi

        Not even house broken 😠 Dumpy not Major. Major has better manners

    47. Denise Bookout

      Ironically the ad that I had was "The Candy Man can" from IPHONE

    48. occhamsrazor

      Job here for when the... Shall we say... Less than progressive folks start posting. They will claim that Biden never once said the word Jobs...

    49. death13a

      Good doggos

    50. New Message

      "Tell me more about this wonderful ticket of yours." -Condescending Wonka.



    52. Unicorn Vic

      Finally we have a real human being in the WH! Hooray for President Biden!

      1. Dora Dennis

        Keep him away from kids, though...

      2. Pilar Morales


    53. Joseph Croteau

      This is pure GOLD

      1. Chudi

        Pure fucking gold! 🤣

      2. Michael Harris

        More like solid gold

      3. jsuarmy08

        More closer to the platinum side

      4. Dr Clown

        ......EN Ticket

    54. Derick Lewis

      Funny 😄

    55. Gabriel Liebowitz


    56. ahnanda68

      Best dog ever.. and I don't even like dogs 😻 🕊️

    57. Lester Luczak

      LOL!! 😆

    58. Cherri Pie

      It slaps tbh

    59. DR Boze

      You know, Major and Champ should've been at Joe's side tonight!

      1. Magick Moi

        Some of the crooks on the right might have been nervous about Major checking them out.

    60. くたばれTerraan

      Good Dogs.

    61. DR Boze

      I think Jack Albertson would've been pleased by this.

      1. Howard Kerr

        DR Boze: That was my first thought as well.

      2. MrMatteNWk

        "Grandpa Goes to Washington" with Jack lasted only 11 episodes ( ) but the current series is going to last at the very least 4 years

    62. Cate Brooks

      Oh, glee! Finally someone sings this in key. Ish. Jk: this is inspired. By finally a real human in the White House.

    63. Cha20


    64. Opus 313

      Sheer brilliance! Nice work LSSC writers!

    65. Anthony Campagnolo

      I will never hear this song the same again.

      1. Kamryn Nicolas

        @Gregory Gus Definitely, I've been using flixzone for since november myself :D

      2. Gregory Gus

        a trick: you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.

      3. Henry Dawkins

        I agree. But Johnny depp version of the movie sucks. He better stick with Captain Jack Sparrow.

    66. Riley Nguyen


    67. Banana face