The More You Joe: Tracking President Biden's Progress After 100 Days In Office

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    Stephen takes a look back at the first 100 days of the Biden/Harris administration to find out how many of the President's campaign promises have been kept. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Brian Clifford

      I can't wait for you to go to jail!!!! I won't miss that show for the world!!

    2. Karl D Kunc

      I watched the video where you were tormenting that little boy with a painted face. You are a sicko and I hope you end up in a prison and a big burly guy treats you the same way you treated that little boy. Rumor has it the little boys dad identified him from the video but he has never been found.

    3. The Caffeinated Owl

      Anyone else notice he keeps taking off a week? I go to check his videos and nothing... 😕

    4. Jack Scratch

      Show was funnier when Trump made Colbert crazy. Liberals are goofy.

    5. Garrett Mobley

      So are we getting close to finally going back to a live show....maybe with half capacity?

    6. منة الله

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    7. This Is My Username

      He just fucking stole this from a youtuber

    8. chasing the truth

      I'm so pleased with joe biden administration I got my stimulus and my unemployment checks for the duration of his presidency . When my job called for me to return to work I just didn't answer the phone you laid me off your problem I finally get to travel instead of doing my 9 to 5 if your stuck at your job that you hate well tough luck I'm going to love the next 8yrs

    9. ElSapoVerde

      Colbert is such a pathetic person now. Remember when he use to question authority figures he's a propaganda mouth piece.

    10. Bill Randolph

      Does this King of Woke still cry like a beeeatch every five minutes? I think his crying is from looking at his new low ratings.

    11. Randy Seymour

      Am I watching North Korean TV or an American cable network?

    12. erin ehmen

      biden is doing ok. so it's not funny.

    13. Nanyu Busnis

      When was the last time you saw any government agency set a goal, and do so well, they doubled their goal and even met that? 4:14 In america, it's more accurate to replace "nice" with "white".

    14. JD Crosier

      When the worst scandal in the first 100 days in office is that the presidential dog is badly trained, you know it’s going to be an OK presidency.

    15. Stevespecs

      Colbert get help, your drug addiction is obvious. Say no to coke

    16. Peter Bellingham

      Generally funny but the ageism jokes are offensive.

    17. Libby Workman

      There are many Republican mosquitoes on USfilm. Check out their thumbprints. Proper response to a mosquito? Slap! Proper response to voter suppression? We will see you in court.

    18. kennethknaszak

      Biggest illiterate liberal so called comedian

    19. Daniel Vaneck

      He is Epstein marked

    20. Jesusisking

      Repent Jesus is coming soon

    21. kydrythm

      Bro you were almost canceled before Trump took office and you became a constant hater. Simping for Joe makes you look like a tired old angry lesbian. You're hoping Trump wins 2024, for your sake. Hater.

    22. Deborah Dolan

      Grandpa Joe or Grandpa Simpson?

    23. Winchester Hypnosis

      Make no mistake, this administration will never allow you to take off your mask, ever. It doesn’t matter if you have been vaccinated or not. It was always about control.

    24. kimckawa

      Haha..nice lady’s man reference

    25. AJ 21K

      I don't know what's more funny... The last name Trump being censured or the acronym ICECREAM. OMG. AHAHAHAHAHAGAGA

    26. Ryan Higgins


    27. Alan Kelly

      I only get to see Stephen on USfilm. LOVE his work. Love his team's work. In these pandemic times A Late Show has been brilliant though, lately especially, it takes quite a number of regular breaks which sees me surfing USfilm trying to find one of the ONLY American late night shows I can not only stomach but genuinely LOVE. Are the show's still being produced but portions I'm accustomed to just not being uploaded to USfilm or...does Stephen and crew and writers simply take ALOT of holidays. I checked on the Web. This seems to have been quite the concern in the States since around 2016. More power and peace to everyone... however...I'm here on an old Colbert post asking a question when my Covid related isolation could be WAAY better served laughing instead of what I imagine in the eyes of some to be asking a silly question.

    28. Clint Webster

      Hey! What happened to the #HeWhoShallBeNamed? I didn't come up with Covfefool for nothing. USE IT!!

    29. United Majority

      Get Colbert off the air both my to talk about now. Not allowed to talk about what is going on with Biden. Colbert keep kissing up to Hollywood leftists.

    30. United Majority

      Colbert your guy is not doing great. You make it look that way you bias hack.

    31. Billy Palka

      The only campaign promise Joe has kept is “ Nothing will fundamentally change!”

    32. Billy Palka

      He did not raise the minimum wage. So he is 0% complete.

    33. Check Mate


    34. Cesar Cataldi

      "Liz Cheney they will burn she like witches burned in the Middle Ages !! What a horror of history with the destructive Donald, a void of ideas and ideals and zero for a country like the USA !!

    35. Van A

      Back in the days this show was hilarious. Nobody wants hour 13 of partisan proselytizing

    36. Xee K

      Wish they would re-visit the initial promise to possibly forgive a certain amount of student loans and give hazard pay to front line health workers. It's been over a year and we still haven't seen a penny. Stop calling us heroes and help us out with our loans ffs.

    37. Eugene Wu

      I like to know America's current COVID-19 condition.the workers back to work. So we can tell the president's 100 day performance.

    38. feby humaeroh

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    39. Dutchy McDutchface, Bsc

      Does anybody know where the 'Johnson and Johnson' vaccine is made?

    40. Chef Antz

      This shows just a love letter to joe Biden at this point, I’ll miss you Colbert

    41. Bill Buttcheese

      This guy is a propaganda tool for the big bagels

      1. Marc T

        Tell us how

    42. tubularAp

      1:35 - "...a man who's got just an iota of Ray Lliotta" - Again, brilliant writing ... and true.

    43. Moxie M

      These Biden tongue baths are the reason I no longer watch this show. Enough already. It’s gross.

      1. Marc T

        What do you mean "no longer watch"'? When did you watch it?

    44. mrqjmoss

      I miss u Stephen

    45. #Billy Strasser

      This guy is a terrible person so many claims about him and disgusting things he has done

    46. dana cruz

      Biden's bones are just fine... better than that one we had before. T#### had the appearance of having metabolic syndrome gone awry.

    47. Jon Wayne

      i lost respect for you Stephen Colbert

      1. Marc T

        When and why?

    48. Trevor Dennis

      Funny. Whitty. Outstanding. I so enjoyed that.

    49. Nouse Foraname

      He's doing a piss poor job by the way. But don't expect this loon to tell you the truth. The MSM has stopped "fact checking" him. Pathetic.

    50. Mr. Satyre

      This reminds me of Goebbells' chats about Hitler's first 100 days in office.

    51. Luke Skywalker *

      Biden is still doing a terrible job

      1. Marc T

        What job in particular?

    52. Gene Rally

      These are the kinda videos you know what’s in store before you watch.

    53. Enrique Pagan

      The Biden Administration keeps blowing up the federal spending and cramming down asinine policies irrelevant to our status quo and what they purport. Meanwhile, we are here watching this coastal elitist numbing his own trigger points.

    54. Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge

      You look so much more optimistic Stephen...I like it 😁

    55. Vivek Kumar

      Nahi hai.

    56. Vivek Kumar

      Jo baeh.

    57. Vivek Kumar

      Yahi hai. Uppar wala. Saale ko dhang se maarna hai 10 Hain .

    58. Vivek Kumar

      Dhiyaan rakhiye bhei. Aasan hai kya raeh.

    59. Vivek Kumar

      Chalu mami ab appan jatta tatta andaaz nae dekhayat.

    60. Vivek Kumar

      Ab KaTTEK kariyau baeh. 9 gotta maer khau. Example da dellau. Kattau SA nae.

    61. Vivek Kumar

      Le bhei bhet gayal rahau. Darbakae Chau ne. Bhent bha gayal Raha.

    62. Vivek Kumar

      Yahi. Ma nukayal rahau. Thik bhei. Kahaliyau nae. Bus. Eha Chau.

    63. Vivek Kumar

      9 ho Gaye final. Halka hath Rakhna Hai. Behen hai bhul Jata tha hae.

    64. Estradas Virtuais

      From a non American point of view, this show is much less fun when he loves the president.

    65. Phoenix wolf

      Wait Camila isn't dictator yet

    66. Phil D

      Dementia. Two grinning vultures waiting in the wings. A fawning Colbert, Hollywood and the media. This has to be just a bad dream!

    67. Kaibin Fu

      Colbert’s show is more like Chinese government controlled News outlet, praising leaders without reservation

    68. TheSardonicMan

      "Trump" will become "Oranged American"

    69. scarletts channel

      Talk about Covid in india and a link to donate. It's horrible out there and for those that can't leave US want to help.

    70. marion peters

      Stephen is so satanic and evil. If people only knew...

    71. Ryan Cook

      Why do all these idiots think that Joe and anything to do with anything that is happening!!! He’s a puppet folks!!! Wake up

    72. Clitler ;

      Trump never told anyone to inject bleach. This proves even further that you can't be trusted to tell the truth and are nothing but a propaganda channel.

    73. Clitler ;

      He's been a catasrophic failure. You can hide the truth all you want on your propoganda channel but people are finally waking up.

    74. Joshua Singh

      he said DOJA cat

    75. Martie MC

      After the last four years,A warm bed in a box of raisins sounds good just about now.

    76. B F

      Great Mr. Colbert! Germany here

    77. Chris Smith

      Nice echo chamber you have here

    78. Sergio Medina

      Put out a new show how many vacations do you need

    79. Princess Tiarra

      It's been amazing Biden has been delivering on his promises he's not just lying like the Trump and the Republicans did that is so refreshing.

    80. Seagoatsunday

      last no. 2! 🤣 my dergs smerter than ur vice president!

    81. Double Double

      Ice cream hahahahaha

    82. Tkb67 Stl67

      I used to love this guy but it's pretty sad it's gotten to the point where all we can do is real on an old president don't you have any writers or new material it's getting old just like he did move on

    83. Marine 1775

      Stephen, the people at the border are not all majority of Mexican people, majority are from Central America and other countries which is easier to go through southern countries and travel north to the USA. But, the repugnants and their followers believe so much BS we the rest of America have to do clean up on aisle 5. SMH.

    84. James Populo

      Echo chamber

    85. Schlex

      Lol no, the market was boomin for four years especially 2020, the only thing that stopped spreads was the Gme and AMC situation

    86. Marine 1775

      58 more that 4 years of the uneducated unfit orange 🍊 clown 🤡!

    87. jeff murray

      Colbert: propagandist

    88. John Merrill

      fact check time steven. Joe biden 100 million shots on his first 100 days had nothing to do with biden it was the effect of operation warp speed. his 1.9 trillion plan with a 3/4 approval rating from what i can tell was done out of 10,000 people in a country with 300,000,000 + people in it. He has made the border crisis 10 times worse and is opening more facilities to hold more children. The economy is bouncing back not because of biden but because people are being allowed to go back to work. You forgot to mention him saying n***** during Virtual Munich Security Conference on February 20.

    89. Delbane Ren

      0:00 - it’s 100 days into Biden’s term and our tax dollars paying for our healthcare during a pandemic is still off the table. It’s easy to understand that the orange bafoon wouldn’t do the right thing, but it’s inexcusable for a sane person. Clearly Biden is more concerned with corporate pharma and for profit healthcare interests than with the very real needs of the people. Quarantine-while: Colbert supplicates. America: Berns

    90. Ryan Wysocki

      What kind of evil bread stick is Stephen eating? Brittle bread is bread no more.

    91. Bill Leung

      im as liberal as the next guy but u cant credit biden for the 100 mil and 200 mil shots as much as u cant credit trump for the "operation warp speed" .... this is the work of scientists and researchers and doctors and nurses. Sure you can argue that trump and biden helped structure the vaccine creation and vaccine rollout but thats just it, if you want to give biden the credit for the number of shots distributed, u should give trump the pat on the back on the timely manner the vaccine got created in the first place ..... so pick your poison lads. Edit: i still hate the orange guy and biden is vastly superior .... altho i was rooting for elizabeth warren myself :D

      1. Bill Leung


      2. NANI

        You know why people prop Trump and Biden for their accomplishments? It’s because they are the perfect scapegoat to feed their ever loving ignorant mindset that politics are black and white. Whatever happens good during trumps administration is given all the credit to trump. And everything bad that happens during Biden’s administration is all suddenly his fault. It’s as if people think the president controls everything and is responsible for everything. All they do is to listen to the people and put those actions into motion. The presidents job isn’t to be a dictator, it is to be a civil servant. Coming from a conservative but now a independent. I see past peoples bullshit

    92. tobias

      You missed how many jobs Americans have lost since he took office. Wow Stephen your csi miami parody was so good, NOT. Kinda funny you won't how he fell down now that would be something

    93. Livin' La Vida Loca

      I'm putting this here to ask for help. Colombia is currently experiencing State Terrorism, with over 25 deaths and hundreds missing in the hands of our military and police, those who are supposed to protect us. Please #SOSColombia!

    94. spliffqueeg

      Major Biden is a hero. No matter how many times he shits in the White House he'd still be a vast improvement over the entire trump "family". When are Melania and Baron going back to live with Putin?

      1. NANI

        Bro leave baron out of this he didn’t do anything

    95. Kye Brown

      Whatver negative feelings I have for Biden, I'm proud of him for all he's done so far.

    96. Dennis Leon


    97. Mike Sentell

      Will you ever go back to the studio and put on a real show or stay at home and keep this format ?

    98. Terry Fulds

      Trump: 0 campaign promises fulfilled in 4 years Biden: 63 in the first 100 days.

    99. Richter12x2

      I prefer the other definition of "bi-partisan" which is "bi" meaning two, and "partisan" meaning a large spear on a pole. So when our senators refuse to compromise out of spite, they get the partisan.

    100. Marlene Mounce

      Thanks guys! Idk why I played it twice.