"If You Get Glenn Close, I'm In" - Mila Kunis On Saying Yes To A Role In "Four Good Days"

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    Mila Kunis wasn"t sure about taking on the role of a strung-out heroin addict in her new film "Four Good Days," until Glenn Close was cast to play her mom. #Colbert #FourGoodDays #MilaKunis
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. matenzo

      I like her but saying "I don't care about monetary things" when you're super rich is one of the douchiest things one can say. It doesn't really show you're down to earth, if anything, it shows how privileged and removed you are. It's also very clearly not true, like you can see her background, that is hardly the home of someone who doesn't care for monetary things XD

    2. William Roark

      Mila..... ‘HAVE ‘THINGS’???…………YOU DON’T HAVE ‘DRYWALL’!!!

    3. First 2Flight

      My mother used to say the same thing to me. We have money, not you. It's our house, not yours.

    4. ericka marra

      I really love her!💜

    5. Jess

      That's how everyone should raise their kids! Love the bluntness

    6. nmon1

      "They are not gonna be entitled ass holes" I've always really like Mila and Ashton from the appearances I've seen. They seem down to earth. Now, I respect them. Probably more grounded than I am. I fault no one who goes through life just doing their thing so long as it doesn't leave a negative trail in their wake. But for parents who have every means to ease their burdens and responsibilities, it takes really amazing people to fully accept all the weight and work that goes into rasing children a parent would be proud of. That deserves respect!

    7. gary canterbury

      GD this woman remains my fantasy. Purely, genuinely sexy. Too bad about the kids...the ruination of...uh...well, I'd probably still kick my lovely, wonderfully intelligent wife to the curb if she showed up at my door. Or... :D Funny how the other Milla (extra 'L') is also totally down to Earth...posting pics of her and family having BBQ outside under the patio in her not-a-mansion. Maybe it's the name makes people real no matter the celebrity. Now, if Milla AND Mila were to show up at the door same time...maybe AFTER I recover from the stroke...?

    8. htownjesse

      I really like Mila's personality. Yay for her!

    9. Leo Solor

      Mila is very smart >3

    10. Angela James

      I just can't get over how different Milo looks compared to just a year or two ago.

    11. Jean Uwesi

      Imagine being filthy rich and you're humble AF and teaching your children the same . WOW

    12. Jay Ave

      Watched bc Mila cute face

    13. Lea Utsira


    14. The HammsBurglar

      Damn, her genuine personality is as attractive as her physical appearance. I strive to not judge a book by its cover but, to be honest, I did not expect Mila Kunis to be so down to earth and immaterial.

    15. Butters Stotch

      Shut up Jackie.

    16. Bargdaffy 158

      I would be happy if she were my mother....Wait until she finds out that they all die of Climate Chaos and realize they were not born at the right time.

    17. Willy Williams

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    18. Wes Hanlon

      She's a goddess

    19. lizzie stacey

      This beautiful human, who is truly human, deserves so much more press these days.

    20. R.

      Wow, you really have to bleep out a**holes? Damn internet.

    21. NWBlue92

      I see Mila Kunis, I click!

    22. Chris Ehresman

      Love that she doesn't want to raise entitled assholes!!!!😍😍😍

    23. Headcrab

      «Ted» was ten years ago. Time flies.

    24. spritals

      Mika is simply a fabulous human bean!! ;) what a brilliant womyn.

    25. Kathleen McGeever

      Mila comes across very genuine and joyous. Thank you!

    26. Missed Murphy

      Still can't believe she used to play WoW back in the day...

    27. D K

      She married a guy with money and then teaches her kids to not care about money and nothing is theirs 🤯🤯

    28. Michelle Fu

      Mila and Ashton are two beautiful people, inside and out!

    29. D.W. Stratton

      Like how she's in the boat posh looking loft space with all exposed timber walls, a floor to ceiling and wall to wall widow with custom panes, and some kind of in home slot machine or something behind her with a 360° couch.... But she doesn't like "money things". Like... Good for Mila, you make that money, mama. But don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining

    30. Wendy Desparois

      Well, I'm just going to have to watch that movie.

    31. ThisGuy Here

      I bet #MilaKunis may wind up getting a Best Actress Oscar for her role in #FourGoodDays. Who knows. #Colbert #TheLateShow

    32. MUMOD BIOS

      Those eyes

    33. lorraine bennett

      Great interview love her, she's done well and isn't j..j..jaded! Lol

    34. Kimmy Watts

      Glenn Close is great, but so is Mila!

    35. Baraka Ali

      I like her she is my favorite in family guy ❤️

    36. St Schless

      Schedule more time for her next time! She is a true gem! Never get tired of watching her interviews and always learn something new about her and her beautiful family!

    37. Sttroner

      I just heard that Kelso is SUPER smart and Jackie doesn't care about material things... That's it fellas... I crossed the mirror 😂

    38. Evanthebat15

      Every time I think Mila can't be more perfect she proves me wrong....the fact that she reminds her kids that they are broke and fortunate...and that she uses hand me down clothes for them. I adore her and Ashton, may they both keep being bless also her admiration/ fangirling of Glenn Close is the cutest.

    39. Gamer Nance

      If Glen Close was in a position you were looking for it would be an Animation

    40. Cody Rayl

      More Mila Kunis please! That interview was not enough close to long enough...

    41. resistance is futile

      Mila is so much like her Jackie character, except the dumb jerk part.

    42. Mr Mind your business

      I like Stephen as a person, but putting his religious beliefs into everything is so off putting. If you believe that bullcrap, fine, but don't expect us to believe it. It makes me lose respect for his intelligence.

    43. Mr Meseeks

      Shut up Meg!

    44. Robert Lee

      wait wait wait ... hang on ... "Open in theaters tomorrow" 😳 huh? did I miss the memo? Theaters are OPEN? Yipee! 😂

    45. Don peters

      I totally understand what she's trying to convey, as crudely as puts it!

    46. Fauler Perfektionist

      You don't want your kids to grow up to be assholes, don't let 'em watch any Gordon Ramsay.

    47. John James

      It's hard for me not to see her as Jackie on that 70's show. But I do think she's a good human, and I love when she speaks Russian

    48. Gabriel Maduro

      Mila is lovely but she needs to hang out with more blind people. My son has been blind since birth and he's awesome on a bodyboard.

      1. NYsun flower

        She was referring to her 9 year old perspective.

    49. Devil'sAdvocate

      She is the most beautiful woman ever imo. Just stunning... And seems to be a really cool person also.

    50. dumaskhan

      You see her and you're like....why is peter and the rest always so mean to her, shes so sweet!

    51. Chantal Kellyman

      I love how down to earth she and Ashton Kutcher are. Raising your children to be humble and have integrity is soo rare these days

    52. Naike


    53. Rebar77

      So great to see you Mila!!

    54. self discarded king of ruin 72

      SHUT UP, MEG

    55. Lorne Beck

      Mila Kunis : I don't care about material things Also Mils Kunis: i consider myself a big consumer

      1. mac102483

        I dont think you got what she was trying to say. If you listen to the rest of the context "I'm on a ton of mommy blogs", "I do my own grocery shopping " , "I'm not materialistic" "my kids wear my friends hand me downs" etc. etc. She is an informed/good consumer, understands the value of a dollar. Maybe "BIG" wasn't the best adjective, but it was the only one you could misunderstand in all her responses about that subject

      2. Varanasi Walks

        one can occasionally notice that one is two opposite vectors at once.

      3. Eef Neleman

        Well, it's always easy not to care about material things when you're loaded with cash. But I understand what's she's trying to do.

    56. BanG

      Remb don’t go to far with your kid’s or it backfires. Just be yourself and they will come out ok. Yes we all make mistakes. But show them what you do with those mistakes. Best advice I can give about kids is teach them not to be selfish. And to save at least 40 cents out of every dollar.

    57. Barry Pettit

      Raise your kid not to be Aholes by being one.

    58. BackPaqueBrace


    59. M A O

      Kudos to Ashton and Mila raising their kids not to be a**holes, and not being entitled.

    60. Lindsay Eller

      I've dealt with addiction in one way or another my entire life (my mom was an addict and I'm an alcoholic) that trailer brought me to tears. I can't wait to see the movie.

      1. Melody L

        Wishing you much love and grace along your recovery Lindsay. You can do this. Love from India.

      2. Anthony Petty

        Lindsay Eller keep it up. Just imagine the wonderful times ahead that you'll share with your son. It won't all be roses, of course, but knowing that you have done the best for him and yourself will help. Take care.

      3. Jordan Kelly

        @Lindsay Eller Good Job Momma, keep it up, it only gets easier from here.

      4. Lindsay Eller

        @Jordan Kelly I've been sober 3 weeks now, I'm giving it my all, my 6 year old son has severe autism, he needs me, if I die he'll be put into some home and I just can't fathom the thought of that. I will get to the other side of this so I can protect him.

      5. Jordan Kelly

        @Lindsay Eller No problem, just know you got people out here who support you. And it's sucky but it's okay, he died about 8 years ago. Hes in a better place now.

    61. Jennifer Pinto

      Nice interview! Asher is the shit!!

    62. Roger Misenseless

      She's lovely. I like the fact that she isn't a big headed film star. Refreshing.

    63. Cecilia Lero

      +1000 points for immigrant kids! Hand me downs are life

    64. Rocky

      My crush since that 70's show


      Mila Kunis deserves serious Oscar consideration for this performance. Like, seriously.


        @M. Coos I disagree, I think she has to play complex emotions and she shows deep feelings because I saw her cry, real crying because she didn't let her eyes open. She feels very real. Probably you just don't like her.

      2. T K

        I also thought she was fantastic in Black Swan. I was just thinking about that movie today.

      3. M. Coos

        the make up has to carry the small amount of facets she can play. glen has so many expressions in tone, face and body-language. drama is not milas thing.

      4. Dylan Romeo

        ThTs what I thought as soon as I saw the clip start

      5. ThisGuy Here

        God, I hope so!

    66. Michael Rau

      She's so intelligent and interesting. Ashton is very lucky. PEACE

    67. Audrey Gabbard

      im sorry WHAT?! they just zoomed past glenn close winning plank challenges ON A DAILY BASIS!?! exsqueeze me??

    68. Gauss24

      c'mon jackie, i can't control the weather. love u mila, glad ur enjoying life

    69. Jonathan Rio

      Mila is just beautiful! I saw her speaking Russian, kind of reading a reporter. It was awesome!

    70. S Wood

      She is much more interesting and intelligent than I expected. Thank you for introducing me to her personal side.

    71. Kitty Wetzel

      For myself, I would choose Kathy Bates to play my mom! She is the best!

    72. DF Smith

      I LOVE Mila Kunis!! Please, more Mila! Throw in some Ashton, and you don't even need to interview them! They are awesome together!

    73. Dr. Tetramin Flakes

      she is so different from her character from that 70's show

    74. Ceramic Shenanigans

      I love her so much lol she's always been one of my favorite celebrities she seems so laid back and normal it's so relatable! Love ya Mila!! 🥰

    75. Alberto Rivera

      I am not a celebrity cultist, but Mila Kunis never fails to charm me into a grinning dope.

    76. WarriorPaxo

      Good on her raising kids right to be humble. Much respect

    77. Pat Doyle

      It's funny that Mila started her career playing the most entitled asshole ever! And her super smart husband played the dumbest guy in Point Place.

    78. Bobby L

      just so far from Jackie...great

    79. somerandomnification

      1:18 "I don't really care about monetary things" she says, with her casino machine in the background. I'm sure she's a lovely person, though, bless her heart.

      1. Jay McKenzie

        She didn't say she doesn't HAVE monetary things lol

    80. JC Benson

      Mila is correct; kids and teenagers today have become ungratefu,l and feel intitled to getting everything they want without earning it.

    81. Mister Itchy

      I am so confused. When they say 'asshole', they bleep the word 'hole'. But when they say 'a-hole', they don't bleep anything.

      1. Jay McKenzie

        That's Puritanical America for ya

      2. T Electronix

        Well.....yeah. If you say 'a-hole' you're not saying "asshole" so it doesn't need bleeped.

    82. jrpipik

      We all know Mila is pining for Craig.

    83. aisha b

      How is Mila even real??? She's PERFECTION personified!!! 😍

    84. Hopster1

      I had the pleasure of sitting next to Glenn Close during a charter flight between Boston and New York like 20 years ago. What a genuinely pleasant and humble person. So much so that I wasn't awestruck in my conversations with her. We simply talked about the news of the day and fun things to do in Boston and New York.

    85. mahesh wani

      Shut up Meg ;) ❤️

    86. Derek Ho 2013's

      Stephen Colbert Glenn close MILA KUNIS on saying yes funny and cute awesomeness job

    87. marie kastler

      Evie and Stephen, Mila and Ashton: thanks for reminding us of All the Lovely Possibilities!!! ❣️😍❣️☯️❣️😍❣️

    88. Lisa Dixon

      Mila Kunis is one of few actors/actresses I like & respect. Her being down to Earth matters so much.

      1. T Electronix

        @Varanasi Walks Not like those ^^

      2. Varanasi Walks

        deep down, are we not all bots

      3. T Electronix

        So, those are all bots, yeah? ^^

      4. Varanasi Walks

        i agree with Lisa dixon regardless of her engagement on #Fixzone (y)

      5. Willie Duke

        @Wilson Aaron Yea, I've been watching on Flixzone for months myself :)

    89. Jonathan Webb

      Her point about kids is great but seems to be undermined a bit by the slot machine in the background.

    90. Jackie Learns & Teaches

      Hi Mila! If you happen to see this, I have some advice on how to raise kids to not be assholes. Empathy is the key. If you can look at someone in pain and feel for them, and care, then you will be inclined to be kind. How can you teach empathy? Give them someone to care for. A pet, a younger sibling... talk about the kind things that their heroes do in movies. I teach a lot of kids who love Disney princesses, and want to be princesses, but miss the values that make those characters awesome: kindness and bravery to do the right thing. I teach a lot of little boys who love super heroes, but emulate them by play fighting. They miss the fact that heroes are standing up for those who need help. Talk about the virtues that you hope to instill. 💜 peace

      1. Jackie Learns & Teaches

        @marie kastler thanks, I agree! I think if we all had a strong empathy muscle, we would solve the world’s problems, because we would care about those affected.

      2. Jackie Learns & Teaches

        @Sannalo I agree 😄

      3. Sannalo

        Great advice! I will add, promote reading fiction. A good reader of varied literature will strengthen the muscle of putting themselves in another's role.

      4. Rob Leonard

        Mila and Aston have their own USfilm channel.

      5. marie kastler

        This is Wonderful Advice! Empathy starts them down the road to nuance! For a Better life in a BETTER SOCIETY😍☯️🌤️🗽

    91. Jeigh Neither

      "I don't care about things", yet there are slots on her open-air patio, next to a waterproof outdoor designer Chaise lounge, lmao. I believe she believes that, I just think her idea of "having things", is a little different than the actual definition.

      1. Jordan Kelly

        Your rich people hate is showing.

      2. marie kastler

        See, this is the value of nuance. Anyone confused about having things but not letting them rule your life should go rewatch American Beauty, which demonstrates the concept Admirably!

      3. Ian Cook

        i mean you can enjoy things without them being a major focus in life

    92. Heath Cliff

      Mila should make a cup for Steven like she did for Craig Ferguson.

    93. CuteCatKawaiiNeko


    94. Andrew Budd

      Mila kunis is a charming actress with a vivacious personality. We were about the same age when I saw her on “that 70s show” I wished I was Ashton Kutcher. Love to both of you.

    95. Beaverj420

      I'll be that guy......"shut up meg."

    96. Shawn Fox

      Shut up Meg

    97. Julie MacKenzie

      Love Mila & Ashton. So glad they aren’t going to raise their children to be *ssholes. So many celebrity kids seem to be spoiled entitled kids. Not all..but alot. A life...where they can have it all but NOT having to work for it...the proverbial “silver spoon”.

    98. imkerbal

      Shut up meg

    99. Best Fit Square Channel

      Wow! Ms. Kunis.... so... you have a sultry quality I find alluring... not having seen you in interviews your persona has been one dimensional for me... alluring but not interesting... lucky for me, grateful too, you shine in a human, three dimensional way! No surprise to you and those who love you, but a wonderful, delightful surprise to me. Best wishes, health, joy and wellbeing... PS- thank you for raising human beings... we need as many as we can have.

    100. Brad Smith

      look what u did seth! all i see and hear is meg now (fp)! yeah soo nobody cares MEG :P