Late Show First Drafts: Mother's Day 2021

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    Who writes these things anyway? Join the amazing and talented Evie Colbert and her husband Stephen for this special Mother's Day edition of "First Drafts." #Colbert #MothersDay #EvieColbert
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. IO Tewks

      If someone said "Age cannot wither nor custom stale your infinite variety" to me, my pants would be teleported to another dimension

    2. marembo julian

      I was scared to watch this... Stephen and Evie hand out relationship goals like knock-out punches, making everyone else marriage look stupid and loveless!

    3. Laurence Wells

      These two are so sweet together!

    4. Sha Hussain

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      5. Sha Hussain

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    5. snoski

      I love Evie's laugh!

    6. Ellis Jones

      Just ordered a sub sandwich from SUBWAY and they delivered ONE F*CKING COOKIE then charged me almost 12 DOLLARS (Yes, without questioning the order) Got in their car and drove to my home to bring me ONE F*CKING COOKIE, DO NOT ORDER FROM SUBWAY!!

    7. Kay

      I really hope that after things get back to relative "normalcy" that they keep bringing in Evie! They're truly America's cutest couple!

    8. Shani Smith

      Oh I luv seeing Evie and Stephen banter back and forth. Having her on is such a joy to watch 💕 Please keep her coming back even after this pandemic is over. 👌🏾

    9. Molly Borden

      Stephen Colbert is a lucky, lucky man.

    10. Linda Pogor

      So sad this year..I'm from Ontario, Canada and we are locked down tight. We can't even buy cards here because they are not essential/groceries.

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    12. Sha Hussain

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      1. Sha Hussain

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      5. Sha Hussain

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    16. Sha Hussain

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      1. Sha Hussain

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    17. Rebecca Commanda

      Seeing a couple like that is why people still get married..

    18. Bam Wam

      HAPPY MOTHERS DAY considering every year mothers aborth the lives of millions of babies and many do this multiple times,,,, happy mothers day to all mothers that murder their children and sell them for prostitution happy mothers day to millions of useless mothers who abandone their children mothers who abuse their children yea happy fucking mothers day hundreds of millions of mothers kill neglect abandon and abuse their children yea happy mothers day...

    19. Randi Oaks

      Evie needs to stay on the show

    20. Sha Hussain

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      1. Sha Hussain

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      5. Sha Hussain

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    21. krudmonger

      Evie is by far my favorite non-actor/non-comedian/non-musician guest on this show.

    22. Cyclops Was Right

      Stephen is such a shameless flirt with his female guests this year. That's a married woman, Stephen !

    23. AymieJoi

      Evie is just so adorable! I want to be her friend.

    24. Robin Riebsomer

      Poor Stephen, you're working the kinds of hours nurses do!!! Welcome to our world.!

    25. Cory M

      They should have sold these cards

    26. Joey

      He just nonchalantly quoted Shakespeare

    27. Dallas L

      I absolutely want that Dolly Parton card. I would buy that and give it to my mother. ARE YOU LISTENING, HALLMARK?!?!? Also, Dolly has written something like 3,000 songs in her lifetime, most of which have never been released or recorded.

    28. Sha Hussain

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      1. Sha Hussain

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      2. Sha Hussain

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      3. Sha Hussain

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      4. Sha Hussain

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      5. Sha Hussain

        Like I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain Says, The more heathen brains... The Merrier!

    29. Growly

      My mom would probably like that first draft of the first one

    30. Anne Roselli

      I always liked Steven cobert he seems. To love his wife and children it's great to see this love anne

    31. G.T. G.T.

      Funny how Stephen doesnt know what is desk props are. Love the Intro music tonight! One of my favourite things....

    32. Sophia Wilson

      I quit watching the show because it’s too focused on a male audience-the writers, the band, the guests, the topics are overwhelmingly men. But I do like to pop in when Evie visits! I would love to see her host a show.

    33. Sha Hussain

      Especially I have declared our Abrahamic Forces in ww3 against these heathens, certainly these heathens will try.

      1. Sha Hussain

        Though the Good part over takes the worst part in having an Command post next block to an heathen base because it tells these evil heathens that I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain am right next door in war with them, putting some fear in these heathens them knowing I am a block away from them

      2. Sha Hussain

        Then leaving the household in extreme fear to not say a word

      3. Sha Hussain

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      4. Sha Hussain

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      5. Sha Hussain

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    34. Claudia Boachie

      My heart right😍😍😍😍These two are the best

    35. The Basketball Historian

      9:25 Love how Evie forgot the setup and was just joking casually, and Stephen had to remind her of the fundraiser event, lol.

    36. Uthman Baksh

      That was pretty bold Stephen!

    37. Sha Hussain

      As well where the grass is just cut the west part of the park stay outta of it because it made my boots really slippery

      1. Sha Hussain 5 or 6 knocks and then stopped, it woke me up though, it isn't the 1st time same thing yesterday someone knocked i open the door and no one there.

      2. Sha Hussain

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      3. Sha Hussain

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      4. Sha Hussain

        As well when I passed through a block west of sandc electric company for All the lights were on at midnight when that never is meaning Abrahamic Forces sieze of sandc electric company has been one of many many hidden finds. Meaning that Abrahamic forces are working around the clock to fully secure S&(and)C Electric. As Well due to the war agreement between Us Abrahamic American Forces and heathen forces that the War zone will be within Warren Park boundaries, these heathens may attempt an counter attack in Warren Park so to regain sandc electric company. Which would be a good thing because it could be 300 or more heathens in a attack operation in Warren park that will lead to an quick 300 heathen brains to experiment on.

      5. Sha Hussain

        As so many, so so so many in the hundreds in a Day , 100s everyday til there is no heathen left. As 100 taken and missing heathens a day for only 1 maybe a week 1 out of 700 or every 2 weeks 1 out of 1400 heathens will have space on a newspaper ad. Meaning no one will miss these evil heathens when they are taken to the American Democratic Union Experimental lab being built in Puerto Rico so not break any Constitutions.

    38. Sha Hussain

      Ya these heathens have cctv , I can see it through the glass on top of the bulb. I'm telling you both that I just moved back into the Roger's Park neighborhood am telling you last year I was walking through Warren Park during the summer and this Park was dead , it felt only predators were creeping only , now I know because these heathens have cctv around Warren Park being able to see a child's every move especially if the child by themselves thinking the Park is safe. Only when last year during the fall when I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain began using the park as an trail to get cigs and stuff the park began becoming alive again. Though Holy Roman Magnus Hussain needs the lights off with the electricity so the cctv shuts off as well because I cannot start my most sinister magic exposing Myself and Abrahamic Forces in Warren Park.

    39. LeavingIt Blank

      I am MAD for that carpet! I want it!

    40. Maribel Soto

      Freaking Shakespeare come on man

    41. #doyoumindifiplaythrough

      Love you Evie! You’re such a joy!!!

    42. Jason Nielsen

      You're wife is pretty cute she single? lol

    43. Sha Hussain

      For It will be My Honor for the Holy Romans to bite the heads off of an heathen God! 1000s Bless me to bite thier heathen God heads off!

      1. Sha Hussain

        Because if the lights with the power isn't shut then the cctv will expose our Abrahamic Forces and expose Me Holy Roman Magnus Hussain

      2. Sha Hussain

        Trust i know , because when I used to get off work from sandc electric at 3am I would sit on the bench by the golf store and rick would dim the lights then would make them bright due to he was able to see me sitting on the bench through cctv

      3. Sha Hussain

        Because if We Abrahamic Forces cut off the lights the power to the cctv is off as well

      4. Sha Hussain

        It is better we Abrahamic Forces shut off all the lights

      5. Sha Hussain

        Thats why they are all orange

    44. Sha Hussain

      And the worst part about it the whole residential households have been stolen in the area, half.million dollar houses raided by these evil heathens

      1. Sha Hussain

        And I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain have bitten many heads of bats from sandc electric company, and I know when the bats head is bit off for the bats eyes will change few colors before the head bleeds Meaning 1000 bats I Sha will bite off and not have 1 drop of bat blood on my tongue

      2. Sha Hussain

        And if I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain gets tired I Sha will remind Myself that these bats are heathen gotts, to Motivate Me!

      3. Sha Hussain

        It will be My Honor!

      4. Sha Hussain

        I Holy R0man Magnus Hussain demands! 1000 heathen gods, bats to bite thier heads off for such evil!

      5. Sha Hussain

        So if Conrad celebrated Good Friday it means Conrad was an Catholic

    45. J. Kathleen Williams

      Love the hair! Longer is better!! I miss the 60's.

    46. I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son

      Arhh Its bring your wife to work Day

    47. I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son

      Is this his Real wife

    48. K B

      I love when Evie is on!

    49. Sha Hussain

      By the way let's check my last.job Napco Ltd you know what I don't even think it was an jew that was really an jew , because at napco they had a hammer that said thor.. maybe it was an heathen acting as a.jew to attempt to disdain

      1. Sha Hussain

        It was as if the heathen bidder Lincolnwood officer wanted so badly to take me in somewhere, I could see it in his eyes turning red with anger

      2. Sha Hussain

        And I know for a fact that Lincolnwood officer that stopped me was an hardcore heathen bidder, for there were no heathens ever in Lincolnwood until now I see

      3. Sha Hussain

        Remember Holy Roman and Protestant War Saints Colberts we Abrahamic American Forces are now in a full scale ww3 against these heathens whom are plenty on the battlefields I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain battles in, all precautions must be take to the fullest technological capacity in Chicagoland

      4. Sha Hussain

        On McCormick

      5. Sha Hussain

        And see that birthday cake im sure from watching heathen videos that , that cake is to roast Abrahamic people

    50. Michelle Johnson

      Evie is just delightful🙂😊🙂😊

    51. Peter RONAI

      Congratulations Stephen! You are the first Yank I’ve heard pronounce “scones” correctly (it’s pronounced “sconns,” not “scones”).

    52. Annalena Kubinger

      Evie: "Please buy tickets" She sounds so happy and sincere... I'd totally buy tickets (for everything Evie & Stephen related actually)

    53. Morpheus Magellus

      Another skit on Mother’s Day. One would almost think the sponsors want the audience to spend more money

    54. Katie White

      Evie's on? Yep, I'm watching.

    55. Katie White

      2:30 - My mom lolololol irl

    56. Kayla J

      Oh can we please have more Evie segments? 🙏 It doesn't have to be the card first drafts, but just another regular segment so the world can see both of you. ❤️

    57. Sha Hussain

      Holy R0man War Saint Colbert send Word from I Holy R0man Magnus Hussain to send Word to an Buddhists Emperor of China XiPing to send in 1000 Elite Chinese Footsoldiers to Chicago and the FBI Agency will give them thier uniforms at arrival so to quickly cleanse the heathens from Chinatown. Right away.

      1. Sha Hussain

        Though because I Saved up a little to fund My Hussain's War chest it wasn't too much of a biggie where during September 2020 My Hussain's Abrahamic War chest was empty so an pack of cigarettes was.most regrettable.

      2. Sha Hussain

        As well I Holy R0man Magnus Hussain lost 2 devices Today on the battlefields both vapes of mine.

      3. Sha Hussain

        For I Divine Hebrewic-Jewish Holy Roman Magnus Protestant Hussite War Commander Hussain have yet to come into the battlefields with my eyes crying blood

      4. Sha Hussain

        Meaning We Hebrewic-Jews Holy Romans Protestants War Forces have officially opened ww3 against these evil heathens again.

      5. Sha Hussain

        And May it be known that this is though this War is completely different as any war due to no one is wearing military uniforms and wearing civilian clothing though this is the 3rd American Abrahamic War against these heathens ww1, ww2, and now ww3 fought in America land this time.

    58. Pinwheel ART

      Some should tell my mom that. She is here like Every. Single. Day...😂

    59. Sha Hussain

      I Holy R0man Magnus Hussain make an retreat , touch point when I Hussain get back to Sha's Command Post

      1. Sha Hussain

        And the Mormons will have thier own US Federal Agency that is an small US Federal Agency Unit though receiving funds to have the Mormon Majority US Federal Agencies is funded to keep up with the quick advancements.

      2. Sha Hussain

        And Great work By All of Us Democratic American Union Forces on sandc electric company for the yellow came up quick. Apple and Tesla is left. Same way, apprehend thier heathen security director and the facility falls to the Abrahamic Holy Roman Empire, Protestants, Jews and I Divine Hebrewic-Jewish Holy Roman Magnus Protestant Hussite War and Peace Commander Muslim Caliphate Hussain. As Well the United States Federal Agencies. It is an Holy Alliance!

      3. Sha Hussain

        And then as well trump just recently telling his heathen footsoldiers to stop drinking coke. While everyone does as trump attempts to make an fool by making Us Abrahamic believe trump is drinking coke though certainly he is not , it is an catch so the Abrahamic drink up

      4. Sha Hussain

        Put an immediate hold on coke products especially coca cola classic due to when I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain was working at sandc electric company the heathens were having spiked coca cola and then listening in to the heathen broadcast I've remember an joke these heathens made and they these heathens were laughing hilariously and the caller said "like don't drink the coke when everyone is drinking coke" and the heathens begins laughing evil. So I just to cokes though I took i sip and remembered that so I will not drink it as Divine Command is to learn what these heathens were doing to the coke. Enforce right away all Abrahamic stop of drinking coke until cleared by the FBI.

      5. Sha Hussain

        Statim! Before they these heathens attempt to regroup

    60. Jessica Routt

      Evey for president 2024!!

    61. prit twist

      it's coat of many colors for me


      I would substitute Dolly Parton with SALMA HAYEK.

    63. trynamakeit

      Stephen just pulls Shakespeare out of nowhere. Completely unprovoked....

    64. Alice Klein

      Heaven bless Evie

    65. Thinking Cloud

      Happy Mother's Day ^__^ Everyday :3

    66. Eli Sterling

      I love these sections with Evie in them. The two of them are so incredibly sweet together. Just watching Stephen and Evie interact is so wholesome.

    67. Daniel P

      omg this is just awesome... We need more of Evie

    68. dougiemm - Natsar

      GENOCIDE in the U.S. Continues: The mass murder of Americans through the experimental COVID injections continues, as the CDC is now reporting that 3,848 people have died and 118,902 adverse reactions have now been logged into their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Many believe there is solid evidence that the CDC is holding back much of the data, and that the number of deaths and injuries reported is much higher

    69. confusedgamer4life

      l0l alcohol every time! Sorry steve think she gave you a hint.


      What's the book on the top of the pile in the corner behind SC chair ! A screen grab is too blurry .... 😶 Help!! Please, it's driving me nuts ....

    71. Pat's Amazing Blends

      And John Oliver in his void.

    72. Pat's Amazing Blends

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