Tooning Out Special Coverage: Pres. Biden's First Joint Address to Congress

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    The Tooning Out The News Special Coverage super-panel breaks down President Biden's remarks on COVID-19, infrastructure, police reform, immigration, gun control, and more with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
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    Clip air date 4/28/2021

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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Happytime Harry

      Yuck, DWS.

    2. Nettie Malo

      Comedic gold! 👍🥇

    3. Cool Cat

      Thanks and kudos mr Prez for shots in arms ,I got mine and I took some whiskey as a chaser....

    4. D Wright

      America died since 6th of Jan 2021. Women WILL not save you. They do not do well in any workforce.

    5. Teresa Thayn

      Vaccines Work!! Grow up and get your shots kuz I want to go to Mardi Gras next year dammit!!

    6. Support Policies Not Politicians

      Pro- Vaccination, Pro-Canabalism, Anti-Police

    7. Nichomachean5

      This show is so witty I love it.

    8. Reuben Yancey

      I can’t bear listening to that corrupt piece of crap, Debbie Wasserman-whatever...

    9. Patrick Mike

      DWS is garbage

    10. Robert Heskin

      Wonder if Debbie sleeps at night after what she did to Sanders in the 2016 election. Must suck knowing you were directly responsible for losing to Trump

    11. tiny99990

      In the U.S. we value personal responsibility above everything else we also tend to place ourselves as individuals above all else. This has been clear for decades this is the reason the wealth gap has increased... The U.S. has an issue with thinking that if you aren't successful it's your fault, or if you are poor or are on hard times it is your own fault, and if you find success it is your doing and your doing alone. This creates the issue where far to many Americans think along the lines of "I am the most important person in the world." because to them they are the most important person they can be as successful and rich as Jeff Bezos so long as they try and when they never are it is only their fault. NOW lets say you believe that you are the most important person in the world during a massive pandemic that has killed more than a half a million people. A Vaccine is released that is said to protect you from the virus but you, think it is harmful in some way and so you aren't going to get it. Is there anyone who could convince you, the most important person in the world, that you are wrong and that you need to get the vaccine so others are safe as well? The answer is most likely to be no, there is no one who can convince you, on top of you being the most important person in the world there is also the fact that you also believe you aren't responsible for anyone outside of your children and your S.O. because no one is responsible for your safety except for you so why are you responsible for the safety of others? This is a base level issue in our country, and both political parties rely on this base level thinking to deflect blame from themselves and their inability to govern so they can keep power. We are leading the world in vaccinations right now, but I think we will be the last to reach heard immunity, which means we will suffer the consequences. There is also the fact that as of now it is likely this is Endemic and if new variants continue popping up like they have been that risk increases significantly...

    12. King Kong

      These are pure gold. Only Cartoons have the bolls these days to do some real journalism.

    13. Stutz Bearcat

      Wasserman Shulz = THE WORST You guys are genius!

    14. FlankyFrankie

      DWS took money to who re for the PREDATORY payday load industry. She needs primarying. Again.

    15. benjamin hoover

      Pretty sure war is still illegal

    16. jacob kobald

      DWS? Really guys?

    17. Brian Brian

      Free College, Childcare and better pay "showing his age by apparently not knowing which country he's president of."

    18. Brian Brian

      Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of the biggest corporate shills in DC and she shound't speak on anything ever.

    19. N Patrick

      Poor Junior.

    20. Don Taylor

      Offhand I can't think of anyone more appropriate to be the face of Biden's fan club than Wasserman Schultz - unless it's Hillary.

    21. Nina Patterson, Esq

      Rebuild trust?

    22. Big Mclargehuge


    23. splat apuss

      Edgy cartoon comics draw the line at calling out Debbie Wasserman Shultz for being a corrupt hack that ushered in the Tangerine Tyrant.

    24. mirbramo94

      Background checks are bad because they disproportionally prevent blacks from purchasing guns.

    25. Quivering Moist

      God these simps pat themselves on the backs more than Hollywood

    26. mikefromwa

      So weird, it looks and sounds like Fox News _but they're telling the truth._

    27. mikefromwa

      When the final tally is counted, the number of Covid deaths in the U.S. will be over 750,000, minimum.

    28. My Getaway

      ikr, do we have to go out?????? Really?????? I was enjoying the state mandated netflix and chill

    29. Sylvia Green

      BLETCH!!! 🤢😡😫

    30. Nate S

      OMG I did not need to see that Mitch image

    31. Jillian Chauvin

      At least your toon media gives the news and truth... I'm reminded of the difference the loon media ( Fox, Forbes, OAN) provides !!! NO CONTEST, your news is so much better !!!

    32. Joe Sutton

      How are y'all gonna have on DWS and not rake her over the coals for rigging the 2016 Dem primary and giving us Trump? She literally resigned in shame at the convention because of how blatant it was. I'm sick of this rehabilitation of horrible people that have had a big hand in ruining our country. Do better!

    33. Paul Makinson

      How can we justify spending more than the following 5 countries combined on weapons if we are not in a permanent state of war? Raytheon, Hallyburton and Lockheed Martin are not going to be happy! The congressmen that they employ are going to make a fuss!

    34. tha Real Mike Zee

      Diane Feinstein costume

    35. Iroxinping

      Eww Debbie is a republican Horrific human, she forced Trump on us

    36. Sailor DaiGurren

      "... that's when the cannibalism starts!" 🤣😂🤣😂

    37. faarsight

      Was that a pathetic attempt to try to justify US involvement in the war in Yemen?

    38. Gregory Ferber

      "Community engagement tanks" lol

    39. Joe Schmoe

      It's not too late to fight your dad in Afghanistan buddy

    40. Doosh Kid

      never forget how Wasserman Schultz undermined democracy to push/ensure the establishment continues status quo. she's terrible.

    41. Yo Yo

      Washerman-Schultz is one of the most corrupt Politicians in Congress

    42. HereIgoAgain

      "I'm not worried. We will find another war." Yep, that has been my experience.

    43. Ella Dopiriak Go here to see Glenn Becks analysis of bidens speech. Quite long but worth it. Very scary. Be aware of what's coming down the pike.

    44. akamba12

      Is steven colbert even in one of these brilliant pieces?

    45. Zach of Knowledge

      “Community engagement tanks” 🤣

      1. Jadia Havala

        I had to rewind it because I did not expect that 🤣

      2. Jemie Bridges

        Surprised I had to scroll this deep to upvote this comment.

    46. Nanyu Busnis

      5:54 Lead in what exactly? Covid cases? School shootings? WP groups? Nuclear weapons? If you're talking democracy, other countries have been doing a better job for a long time now. If you're talking war, you can't really say you're leading when nobody is following you. Besides, america was infamously late in the second world war. Allowing the holocaust to happen before even getting involved. So truly, what *are* you leading in, that other countries wish to follow?

    47. Augmuse

      Had both Pfizer shots and I feel better than ever.

      1. Green- Zone

        The first shot was to install the micro chip. The second shot installs the most resent software and activates the program. The government now controls your every thought. They have you believing you feel great. Just wondering if you have any cravings to eat human flesh. Damm that Bill Gates..🤣😃🤣😃😃😃

    48. mike frain

      4:15, oh don't worry about the police forces, police academy attendance is falling and police retirement in high crime precincts is rising. I can't understand why with all the quality people they get to interact with and have all their motions second guessed and on Camera. Add to the fact that the grieving family can call their son a "saint" without the press revealing the persons' true criminal record, to sway public opinion. Oh well, I hope they don't have to start drafting people to be in the police force, when the numbers drop to below minimum maintenance levels

    49. Droemar

      People are saying BIden's plan is audaciously radical. Okay. We did the Afghanistan War and the 08 crash and bailout under the GOP. Let's see what radical leftists will do giving money to mothers and infrastructure.

    50. Ethan McCallister

      Trump: “My administration will take all necessary steps to combat this virus, except any of the necessary steps to combat this virus”

    51. Minerva Lynch

      As soon as the Iraq war kicked off no one gave a shit about Afghanistan anymore, all the news was about Iraq and Afghanistan became a footnote. It became the longest war in our history because if we hadn’t invaded Iraq and paid attention to the original mission there could have been a different outcome. But no, you people wanted to see your bigger, sexier war and forget all about poor Afghanistan. (Which is a beautiful country)

    52. k31than

      @4:34 For some reason,I find Clinton’s promise the biggest BS promise of them all.

    53. B3K xcD

      lmao, shes such a tool.

    54. Chris

      What!? You guys nail everyone and you spared Debbie Wasserman Schultz!!!! DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ got let off the hook?! What happened there!? She's one of the few democrats to have single-handedly undermined faith in our democracy for 10s of millions of people and she gets let off the hook?! And what about those terrible answers she gave? She was pitching the slowest of balls and no one swung. Dissapointed.

    55. El Ram

      @4:20 😂

    56. Imorokr

      This was great. I love this show so much!

    57. Chris Ellis

      Arms still in there pockets...sockets

    58. Ryan H

      Rofl* 🤣🤣🤣

    59. joey spears

      As a floridian I appreciate you dragging her through the mud hahahah. Jen2022

    60. Jenifer R.

      Congresswoman Wasserman is just a walking soundbite with a perm.

    61. zizinnnn

      i love the writing on this

    62. Jesse Reimer


    63. Corey

      Can we please have this crew more often?? These are all of my favorites.

    64. jc

      Hey great, "By the end of next year our war with Afghanistan will be over." Fantastic.

    65. da best

      I hate wasserman shulz could say that bc if she hadnt have stole the primary from bernie then trump would have never happened. Soo... keep her around not dragging the whole party throught the mud at all./s

    66. jc

      "Yes, it was great to have two strong women there behind him in case he wanders off." LMAO.

      1. D Wright


      2. D Wright


      3. D Wright


      4. D Wright


      5. D Wright


    67. David Anderson

      Well... I guess Americans getting out of Afghanistan after twenty years is a big deal... ...said the folks in Germany, South Korea, and The Philippines.

    68. David Anderson

      The United States is the only country in the world that purports to be a free democracy and yet arms itself to the teeth. And yes, I'm considering Israel in the equation, but that country is surrounded by enemies who would love to see it disappear. Other heavily armed countries are either run by despots or are in some state of nationwide civil unrest. Imagine living in a country where you feel safer having guns in the house than not having them. What does that tell you about your people?

    69. Michele Kett

      So good. The reporters remind me of the hacks on Sky News. If the sun was shining they’d find a way to create rain. And they talk about fake news as if it was someone’s else. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. argonsfolley

      Wasserman Schultz and those like her in the party are why I changed my party affiliation and became Independent.

      1. Alex M

        YES. Watching her struggle to regurgitate weak talking points that she herself doesn't seem to believe brings me right back to 2016....

      2. moreSnacksPlease

        She represents the worst elements of the DNC

    71. lavalover


    72. o

      HIstoric is right! powerful scene.

    73. sho greene

      Lol Jr think the swamp creature was malfunctioning. Eh wall street I think you need to come fix your robot

    74. Real Tijuana

      Debbie forced the Barking Pumpkin onto the country. She must never be forgiven.

      1. Richard Arriaga

        Don't excuse the Trump voters.

    75. fuzzy Parker

      Tough trying to get Republicans on board with anything they don't even recognize Biden as the president.

    76. Keep Moving

      They're filtering out pro-bernie comments. Nice.

    77. Keep Moving

      Canabilism 2024

    78. Keep Moving

      She sunk Bernie's nomination. I have nothing but ire for her. Bad guest

      1. akinpaws

        @Dj Thomas Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

      2. Dj Thomas

        Who is she please?

    79. Jeff Andersen

      Wasserman Schultz is a Baked Turd

    80. Jo Mo

      Love the junior broadcaster ....haha

    81. adam schlosberg

      PLEEEEASE tell us how you guys make these videos? Does a writer/intern interview the guests with regular non-funny questions and then the voice actors' funny comments and questions are worked in around the interview afterwards?? Or are the guests read the pre-written funny questions?

      1. Joshua Spiers

        Some of the funny dialogue is probably recorded after the interview. However, if you watch the guests closely you'll see that they are often trying not to laugh. That tells me that a lot of their lines are done in real time and improvised on the fly. One reason many guests do not laugh is because most of them are politicians and they have to be careful about what they laugh at. Some guests are more relaxed than others. The one with Nina Turner was hilarious.

      2. adam schlosberg

        @Ry Sun I understand post. What I'm asking is if the actual interview done with the guest is funny questions like the script for the toons, or just straight questions, and also if it is just one person asking the questions or a panel simulating how the final product will be.

      3. Ry Sun

        @adam schlosberg you are over thinking it, anything can be done in post.

      4. David Anderson

        @adam schlosberg I think you're right about that. And I'm pretty sure that by now, the guests are well aware of the editing.

      5. adam schlosberg

        @Ry Sun But is the interview word for word what we hear in the final product? It cant be. Because they interrupt the guest and make long rambling jokes the guest doesn't react to, and also the guest's answers are edited to fit with the questions, so it can't be what you're saying. The actual interview must be different from the final product.

    82. Rick Fry

      Exceptional Work but, PLEASE PROVIDE CLOSED CAPTIONS. People with hearing difficulties cannot follow a lot of the voices at the speed they are being presented. PLEASE PROVIDE CLOSED CAPTIONS! I hate to think of the laughs I am missing. It is hard to read a cartoon's lips.

      1. Mor Kaubl

        @moreSnacksPlease Junior: "Sorry to jump in.. You go to the movies EVERY DAY??!!"

      2. moreSnacksPlease

        Also whatever Junior said at the end was uncomprehensible

    83. Sherron Mcfadden

      This is so funny and informative at the same time horrifying and truthful and it's a cartoon where are we!!!!????

      1. Some Hippie

        And still has better journalism than fox ever did lol 😆

    84. Associates & GIvens

      TOTN Special Coverage Biden Joint Address To Congress: This Kylie gal and her “y’all” comments are to funny. I agree with Tyler on the vaccine(s)! “State sanctioned street slaughter?” They would never say that on mainstream media. TOTN is not afraid to state the obvious! I’m suffering from brain overload as there were so many gem to single out in this 8 minutes 25 seconds! Thanks TOTN Team!

    85. James Cole

      Aaaaawwww? I just bought a new set of knives and forks to join in on the cannibalism.🤤

    86. Jack Warren

      For a second I didn’t recognize her, I totally expected to see Kate McKinnon playing wasserman

    87. Unified Vision

      But getting the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast! You'll be injected with a tracking device (to back up the tracking device that is your phone)!!

    88. Brian Smith

      Hey DWS: MORE than half a million dead and 80% of those the direct fault of former guy.

      1. 3-7-77

        Yep, and her actions led to him being elected.

    89. Thandi M

      ... dead horses saddle lol

    90. wesley rodgers


    91. Kevin Street

      It's always amazing when they bring all the Big News anchors together, like worlds colliding.

    92. Pat Campbell

      I agree with Wasserman-Shultz

    93. Bargdaffy 158


    94. TheRealRevelation

      Why hasn’t this show address that incident of the white man that had a gun on his passenger seat and threatened to shoot the cops that pulled him over and begged him not to and let him drive off! Proof that cops treat white criminals much better than they treat unarmed innocent Black Americans!

    95. Peter Pluim

      Biden understands what he is reading in the prompter, an ‘huge’ difference with Trump.

      1. Autum Breeze

        Not to mention can actually read the words instead of having to sound them out while reading them and STILL getting them wrong like Old Yeller

    96. e. g.

      Debbie with the ramen hair enjoying the reward for using the DNC to fuck over Bernie

    97. directfunebru

      They should change the toons' clothes, it's a little ridiculous that they wear the same things.

      1. Jadia Havala

        @David Anderson exactly lmfaoooo wtf. Simpsons? Archer? Seriously...?

      2. David Anderson


      3. Tina Loye


    98. View From The High Chair

      You earned the thumb's down for showing the ass chaps. I can't unsee that.

    99. Jordan Fredericks

      Not really interested in anything Debbie has to say after she shot this country in the foot trying to get her friend elected president.

    100. Faith Henderson

      This country need a whole new GOP not brain dead and not trying to overturn Democracy .