John Oliver Takes The Colbert Questionert

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    Can Stephen Colbert penetrate the mind and soul of John Oliver and find out his true character? He can with his 15-question quiz in this edition of The Colbert Questionert! #Colbert #JohnOliver #TheColbertQuestionert
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Sharona Maynard

      John got the number I was thinking of

    2. John Digiovanni

      Duckbill platypus

    3. Daniel H

      The song Hypotheticals by the band Lake Street Dive was likely inspired by Jeanna Lee Steinmann of the FBI, who is stalking me. I find the lyrics abhorrent and the song an offense. DH of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Will be reporting to CIA, DARPA and German Intel. No joke. POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION. Another friend, Sara, would go jogging with Jeanna and is represented in the band's song Sarah. She agrees with this statement and as a university professor, is not a gullible person. Jeanna works in Brooklyn Center, MN for the FBI. Please see video of officer Kim Potter murdering Daunte Wright of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

    4. raze83

    5. Harmonie Cat

      WaWa is amazing.

    6. Monshin

      John looks like he's about to drop a rap album and colbert looks like a divorced dad.

    7. Nick Carlozzi

      Yes, you SHOULD put peanut butter on an apple

    8. Hammond Exclusive Listings

      an apple is a spoon for peanut butter!

    9. IM KITTI

      ♥️ I have no Fuc@kig idea!

    10. veronica ruth

      I feel seen

    11. sandy roberts-anderson

      Dibble may be “the most British of names”, but as a child in Australia I had a classmate named Peter Ramsbottom...that must be the most Aussie name

    12. CC Silverwolf

      Spoiler: Covid-19 was believed to have come from Pangolins.

    13. S B

      One song..." what's going on" by Marvin Gaye

    14. Project Tomorrow

      10:20 great job John . I love Ashes to Ashes. very stoney song. great three note lead in. and .. ' my momma said to get things done you better not mess with Major Tom '

    15. Mary-Beth Beirne

      Are you aware that peanut butter is mostly replaced by President Bush in the captions

    16. Donald Boyd

      I would like to know why peanut butter is translated in the closed captions as "President Bush"?? Does the person doing the closed captions think of President Bush when they hear the words "peanut butter"?

    17. reflectsonlife

      The only difference btwn these 2 gentlemen is the accent. Their faces are identical.

    18. Michael Lochlann

      You spelled it wrong, it's spelled Steven Colbairre.

    19. Betul

      the silence after “a not great egg” took me out for some reason

    20. Dallas

      Well, this was just great. Loved every minute of it, and I would adore watching these two have dinner.

    21. Clarabeatriz

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    22. ori omessi

      Bio - Narcissism. How lovely.

    23. jkc 18

      I love Ashes to Ashes, but Heroes. Definitely Heroes.

    24. Rainbow

      Everyone is gonna expire of natural order unless they get blood thick with Satan, King of Hell, Mark Braun on USfilm by Blood Over Intent. 144K Garden of Eden Holy Grail Eternal Life

    25. Brian Love

      Cannot watch these guys anymore they just do proganda....

    26. MrLoobu

      Yo that budwiser commercial is bullshit, they all know exactly what they are doing and throw it in our faces.

    27. stuart taylor

      I understand John saying that he is British and so has built a wall to surround his thoughts and feelings. But hasn't he become an American citizen? I assume that he had to undergo training of some sort to make him fit in.

    28. Rodney Huckaba

      The home depot online is not a good place to order a mower. paid for one 3 weeks ago and cant reach anyone that knows anything about it . called home depot 10 times called Pape' John Deere. in sandpoint a week ago and they said they had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. they lied. it's been sitting there for 3 weeks. still dont have my mower.

    29. Wim De Cock

      "The next pandemic might well come from a pangolin", John Oliver during a pandemic likely caused by interaction between a pangolin and a bat. I guess people really focused on the bat part and ignored the pangolin. Then again bats are also really big disease vectors.

    30. Rhea P

      My response to apple vs. oranges is oranges, because oranges don't need peanut butter...

    31. SaltPyramids


    32. irvingsgarp

      I totally lost it at "A not great egg."

    33. Stevespecs

      More nonsense, say no to drugs.

    34. Kaitlyn Rainville

      me thinking about the best sandwich: ooh probably wawa for me john: my go to is a blt me: alright that’s fair john: ….. from wawa *audible gasp*

    35. Kashi Go Lean

      John Oliver is HAWTT! 🥵

    36. Fred Trunce

      What number am I thinking of? 42 John is a man of culture I see

    37. Sean Cook

      I long to be important enough to be asked these questions.

    38. Cornelius Thompson

      John Oliver is a fake. Pretend to be surfacing facts but instead spreading misinformation and false accusations.

    39. mystery8guy

      5:05 some watched the new South Park

    40. Daniel Heim

      So in saving private Ryan, private Ryan lost? I thought we won against the Nazis :0

    41. Ethan

      Best sandwich: Cubano HANDS DOWN

    42. Cassie

      Now I just want a wawa apple and peanut butter cup

    43. MN Heintzelman

      Please, Wawa is famous for its cold cuts and sandwiches . . . being one of those truly aggravating "foodie types", even I have and will again, eat a Wawa sandwich. No shame.

    44. Charlie Latino


    45. Kyle Hynes

      I love John Oliver making a joke about pangolins starting a new pandemic when they may have done as well with this one...

    46. Charles Kilgore

      I laughed out loud, because everytime they said "Peanut Butter" the closed captioning said "President Bush." So they were arguing about putting President Bush on an apple.

    47. Cameron Krause

      how about a Rueben Sandwich? A BLT-eesh only a Brit would pick that.

    48. G B

      Beethoven's Ninth. Any other song I like is way too short to hear over and over and over and over again.

    49. Teil Astorga

      I love Oliver normally, and now even more. 42 is the answer to life, happiness, and the everything. Literally, 42 is DOS for *. Douglas Adam was a programmer before an author. * is the wild card of programming.

    50. Jake Davidson

      WaWa BLT! Yes!!!

    51. M S

      I love apples and peanut butter! Lol

    52. mry82

      42 was the right answer... so many good references in this! I am surprised John didn't say "Gallipoli" was his favorite action movie, haha.

    53. Floorthirteen13

      why is "peanut butter" replaced by "president bush" in the closed captions??

    54. Lillian Ward

      I am delighted by that story about taking his wife to Wawa for Valentine’s Day. A bold choice but I’d be thrilled.

    55. Connor MacManus

      The only number you EVER think is 45. Seriously. 45 is in your head rent free 24/7.

    56. Mike Scot

      "What pray tell, does that tell?" lol

    57. AC

      scariest animal: humans

    58. Katy Maloney

      "In actions movies, the hero is supposed to win..." They saved Matt Damon, didn't they?! Well okay... maybe that ISN'T a win...

    59. Hans Wurst

      Subtitles at 06:00 I can't believe how little president Bush you have here.

    60. Jon Dorsey

      Thumbs up if you're an American soccer fan and know who Ian Rush is. 😂

    61. Ellen L. Sandor

      these two bring such sincere delight out of each other, it's great to see!❤

    62. Caitlin Colleen Bannan

      Apple because you can put peanut butter on it is the right answer, but apple, because you can put nutella on it is also acceptable

    63. Ed Dunkle

      Now do John Swartzwelder

    64. loverrlee

      What’s the scariest animal? EASY. Human.

    65. Devilishmary27

      I love watching the 2 of them making each other giggle 🤭😜😂

    66. angelica rivas

      My captions replaced “peanut butter” with “President Bush” every time.

    67. Joe Schaab

      Your once great, you sold out.

    68. Robo

      I don't think John has fully assimilated if he has no favorite action movie.

    69. Daniel Galan


    70. Masekle PS4

      The hero’s did win! Merica!

    71. Jan Koci

      One song for the rest of my life? I thought about that one before and it's Fire inside by Helix. It's 3 hours long 😎😁

    72. Tricia Tripp

      Consider apples and peanut butter a pairing ;)

    73. Tricia Tripp

      So Colbert created corona to avoid dinner with John Oliver 🧐

      1. Tricia Tripp

        I love when my husband taken my car to get an oil change on Valentine’s and our anniversary in September m. It’s a task I don’t have to do or pay for... and I get done time to myself. It’s bit romantic but I love it .. 14 years married, I’m happy! You don’t get to know that he gets 🤭

    74. Tricia Tripp

      Vapid dream boat 🤩😆

    75. Erickson Leadership

      "I am become death." Must love John Oliver. :-)

    76. gail bennett

      I love both SC & JO. This was FABULOUS!!! Took them both to a whole new level in my eyes.

    77. [Hashknight Gaming]

      Lol John Cena is thankful for that sorta reference. 🤣

    78. Soy Bean Productions

      I love how John Oliver is the only host who still wears full suits on his shows but has decided to wear hoodies for all of his interviews.

    79. Mis ericordiam

      Love this segment!

    80. Miguel M

      Such a great duo

    81. Yoga Chick

      How was 42 NOT the number Stephen was thinking of and, when he said NO! why did he say it with such emphasis?

    82. Ko ala

      "penetrate to your soul" is something everyone likes to hear :D

    83. Donald Dodge

      Why are they still at home but some of the other guys are actually back in front of a studio?

    84. Marie-Elise Laforest

      YES to Jon’s fav smells - those are mine and ppl think it’s disgusting....

    85. Isabelle Trudeau

      Linguistic pyrotechnics 👌

    86. Tyfann

      The answer was "bears" by the way.

    87. luna vondeling


    88. Dan Johnston

      Reinforce Fetterman at Gettysburg

    89. Tomasz Gałkowski

      - Action movies aren't supposed to be sad, heroes are supposed to win. - That's so American - said me.

    90. Catherine Braiding

      I love that the auto captions put in "President Bush" instead of "peanut butter". Something has gone delightfully wrong there.

    91. TomBarry AntiK

      Bring Trump on your show, Colbert

    92. Joseph Rollwagen

      Cut the apple in half, remove the core, fill the void (both in your soul and where the apple core once was) with peanut butter. Never dip it. You're welcome.

    93. Julie Cornewell

      Wtf is a pangolin? Googles it Oh am anteater! lol

    94. Marty Hughley

      Many years ago I wrote an essay about "My Dinner With Andre" as my favorite action movie. Those character-arc expectations blow up real good!

      1. Jack Davidson

        If you love ideas, and appreciate a rotating foundation: Best action movie ever

    95. Squawkleo

      Hyper masculine aggressiveness, says he wearing a bloody fleece vest. 😊

    96. Darth Knightwing Phoenix

      6:05 captions say "I can't believe how little President Bush you have in things here." I mean, it's still technically correct, but... President Bush and peanut butter are not two things that I would normally conflate with each other.

    97. home hm

      APPLES ? look who you ask .LOL WHAT HAPPENS when we die ? don't you have to be alive first ?

    98. Loretta Morro

      I just love these two!

    99. N Michelle

      Jon Oliver is getting hotter with age

    100. Smokey Mafia

      You’re talentless Colbert ...the truth will be revealed