Ingenuity's Fourth Flight Wasn't As Smooth As The Others

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    Good news: the chopper found life on Mars. Bad news: it's stuck in it. #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Bill Burgess

      For what cost, it should be doing loop-de-loops and barrel rolls.

    2. Cumar Musse

      the commander of the broom is a witch 😂😂

    3. Brian W

      CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!! nice

    4. Allistair Neil

      Trees on Mars?

    5. Daxxon Jabiru

      Well, that was dumb.

    6. Ken Edmunds

      Call 911

    7. Gary Trombley

      Yes, the earthlings are back. There goes the neighborhood.

    8. Federico Baseggio

      this is totally fake! broom rockets don't take off so fast

    9. Denver Morgan

      I’m just waiting for the news that the first aircraft has crashed on Mars.

    10. Forax Silver

      You f in troll

    11. Rocco Bollotta

      Shoulda known this stupidity would come from ignorant Colbert ridiculing an awesome NASA achievement. Not surprised from this ignoramus. He wouldn’t know Mars from the moon.

    12. Manuel

      is not funny

    13. J G

      Neither was the Wright Brothers fourth flight.

    14. Darrell Cook

      Have a little humor and don't try to deny a helicopter on mars. This is funny and not actually true.

    15. dhia bt

      Haha funny 😐😐😐😐😐

    16. Joe Vignolo

      The problem is that now approximately half the American population thinks that what this video spoof showed is actually true.

    17. Bertha Castillo

      nice green screen. but next time hide the evidence a little better

    18. Andy Lee Robinson

      Since I got a drone, I've climbed more trees after the age of 50 than I had before I was 10!

    19. Vida Lang

      Should have sent the Space Force.

    20. Raydio FPV

      That wasn’t funny

    21. Just shut up and use the downvote

      I want to believe the tree was a joke to mess with fake moonlander believers. lol

    22. John Howard

      When you hit the tree genus

    23. Ray Bin

      Sending a $10 broom to rescue a billion dollar space ship? *I don't think so!*

    24. Ghost Ryder FPV

      When a drone pilot freestyles his/her way into a tree, we often, most intelligently, send another drone through the branches, pulling a rope. We're not the brightest bunch, but we're persistent.

      1. forton

        10 drones later.... Damn that thing is stuck.

    25. sandpiperr

      ....okay that was not funny.


      This is bullshit, thanks colbert. I was with you from the begining but you made me angry for the first time. This clickbait was not a good move. I'm actually looking for fourth flight info.

      1. Valerie J. Norse

        So you're not aware that "The Late Show" is a comedy show?

    27. fredy gump

      Nobody is surprised there is a tree on Mars?

    28. Vladimir Olegovich

      No wonder NASA crashed helicopter designed in metric system by trying to use it in imperial.

    29. Kris R.

      This wasn't funny.

    30. saxmidiman


    31. Kevin Street

      And that's how they discovered trees on Mars.

    32. Hankakah

      The real puzzling thing is....why are there dislikes? This is satirical, did people expect something real?

    33. belly tripper


    34. Penny Lane

      I don't work at NASA but I can confidently say that flying into a tree would be considered a huge success.

    35. berlindude75

      Cute, but the signal time (i.e. reception delay due to distance) to Mars one-way is roughly 10 minutes currently. You don't stear that thing in real time. :)

    36. Sagacious Apotheosis BLM

      Been there lol

    37. darkskyinwinter

      omg don't even joke about that thing crashing, it's not insured

    38. uddin islah

      Ingenuity's Fourth Flight Wasn't As Smooth As The Others amazing

    39. Storm Boss

      Found the only tree on Mars

    40. BAtkinson

      Trees on Mars people. There's trees on Mars... and it's only the 5th generation.

    41. Robert Evans

      Why do those "news" idiots keep on converting the metric information that all of science and the rest of humanity uses to stupid feet, inches pounds and other archaic units?

    42. Gerald Pena

      That was pretty funny

    43. Apexxx

      Tree = organic... LIFE!!!

    44. Tony Jee

      Maybe its just me but these short segments like fake news and tooning out the news are just not funny.

    45. Shaun Lee

      Someone please tell me that broom is capable of the Starship belly flop maneuver when it arrives to MARS because that's gonna be one rough..uh - ENTRY

    46. Steven Prinsen

      This was so funny I forgot to laugh.

    47. Fauler Perfektionist

      Really? You want to try to rescue a helicopter from a tree... with a _broom?_ I mean _those_ get stuck in trees _too_ you know.

    48. Mukulu Tudu

      #ilovenaza. "We, the people" are paying for a distortion reality by billion of dollars. After the first step in moon, we have a chopper make in 3D.

    49. Mukulu Tudu

      By t

    50. Mukulu Tudu

      Wow!!! Can we get that in moon!!! Prior to the first man in moon

    51. ekstrajohn

      clickbaited ! :D

    52. SoulJah Roch

      I'm more interested in that maglev camera😏 wtf✌

    53. Real Horrorshow

      Oh, he's "numbnuts"? The man just discovered trees on Mars. That's life and evidence of water. Give him a bonus.

    54. Jedi Tres

      Who are the people who disliked this video?

    55. Desert Flower

      Nasa Scientist's react to Ingenuity's Helicopter crashing into a tree... WE FOUND A TREE!!!! *massive applause*

    56. John Melhuish

      Stupid question. What kind of atmosphere is there ?? Being space I would have thought a helicopter would be useless ???

      1. Valerie J. Norse

        That's the whole point of Ingenuity. Mars has an atmosphere, but it's extremely thin compared to Earth's. The point of Ingenuity was to see if they could design something that would fly in Mars' atmosphere. And they did!

    57. burper2000000

      Can’t wait for the aftermath video in 7 months!

    58. timothy bax

      Devon island. Not Mars.

      1. timothy bax

        @ZualaPips research devon island.

      2. timothy bax

        @ZualaPips research.

      3. ZualaPips

        @timothy bax I said HOW do you know that.

      4. timothy bax

        @ZualaPips NASA uses Devon island for "testing", bbut then passes it off as Mars. No one has sent any spacecraft anywhere, they go up and out into the ocean. What you think you see is all CGI..

      5. ZualaPips

        How do you know that?

    59. PsychoLucario

      I really do wonder what's the contingency if it falls over somehow, I think the rover has some kind of claw for picking it up and retrieving it

      1. Branden James

        There's not really a need for a contingency, it was built primarily to prove we can fly something in an atmosphere that thin and it's already done that.

    60. Taqdir Ahmed

      HA HA HA ...................! 💚

    61. Natalie Barry

      Okay so that rescue rocket part is beyond accurate. When I was like 3 or 4 my grandfather would teach me how to fly single-rotor radio control helicopters, and it was 2007, 2008ish, we were only about a decade past bluetooth so it wasn't anything state-of-the-art. We were flying it outside one time and my uncle was over at their house (they would take care of me when my parents were at work and I would stay over on fridays) and he wanted to try flying. So my grandfather gives him the controller and my uncle raises the throttle all the way, causing it to hover around the treetops for a few seconds. Probably without thinking, he moved the right hand joystick forward and it darted into a tree, where it was stuck before blowing down in a windstorm 3 months later. This quite literally means that I might still have that helicopter if it was only under control by a 3-year-old. It was a sad day without rescue rockets.

      1. Joey BoX0RoX

        The guy at NASA and your uncle earned a punch to the "NUMB NUTS!"

    62. Kosmos Na luzie

      Very interesting

    63. Emanuel Haragaeb

      Stop confusing people do something else

    64. D G


    65. minski76

      To be fair - if he found a tree on Mars to fly it into, he'd be praised as a hero of science... :)

      1. Desmond Hawkins

        He? did I miss some dangling attachment on this tin can?

    66. Chris Bradley


    67. Mister Itchy

      Why you wanna scare me with that video title? The broom was a nice touch, though!

    68. Mike Harrison

      The space deniers would love this!

      1. Pablo Sánchez

        They will take it as a documentary just like the creationist crowd with the Flintstones.

    69. Gregory Ferber

      Broom technology has come so far.

    70. Comment Highlighted

      How could he not see that tree? 🤨🙂

    71. David H

      With cutting edge humor like this, it's clear why this idiot hated Donald Trump.

    72. Clive Milburn

      Ok, you got me, right up to the tree 😆

    73. Ryan Davis

      That was stupid..

    74. Mesa Santikant

      Pigasuskiing..007..Thankss Mission-Transformerss no-non Drivril-Transmissionss Saddoggoddessesski-009 nonon Maddoggoddessessky-13 No-comment When-the-SKY..rain-oil Gooodgodss Piggoddessessirensky-009 Badgodss Piggoddessessphinxsky-13

      1. belly tripper

        YOU NEED **LADY WIPES!!**

    75. Phil Webb

      Haven’t heard the term “numb nuts” since my flight instructor called me that decades ago. True story.

      1. J G

        A term of endearment for those of us “special” enough to earn the honorarium!

      2. Cre Henge

        Well, he was right

      3. Phil Webb

        @Ryan Clark I mean I was mainly wondering how he knew.

      4. Ryan Clark

        It’s good you haven’t heard it in a while! It was one of my mentor’s favorite epithets, and even if he was in a kidding mood to help you learn, you didn’t really want it applied to you. Still makes me sit straight up... :)

      5. Mozart1220

        That's what my Mom used to call our dog.

    76. Djinghis Khan

      Those god damn trees

    77. Jonathan Perry

      You know it doesn't sound like much but it takes 20 minutes for that signal to reach that thing there is no way to fix a bad input it's already on its way and you have to just watch in horror as it crashes

    78. mary jones

      lol, ty lssc fam!

    79. Steve Cambridge


    80. Mat Broomfield


    81. Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius

      Based on the RNC memes, Kimberly Guilfoyle should have been on riding that Rescue Rocket.

      1. Margo

        Mars is a good place for her.

      2. Mister Itchy

        We can dream!

    82. Brian Hurry

      Please throw this piece of garbage in the trash

    83. Martino

      guys i think this is fake

    84. help my life is slowly becoming a meme

      God damnit I've been trolled

      1. earthling john

        By the best !! 😂😂😂

    85. Pongant

      Nicht so tief, Rüdiger! Nicht so tief!

    86. Napoléon I Bonaparte

      They could just jump to reach for it...

    87. Mudassar Hussan

      What the Hell is This...

    88. larry785


    89. Yuriel Cundangan

      Ingenuity Helicopter: Departed for Mars Jon Batiste: Yes, INDEEEEEEEEDDDD!

      1. Blair

        Ha haaaaa! Yeah 😉

    90. Baldur Vizla

      This kind of crap is not wanted by anyone, stay in line

    91. Flat Earth Guy

      Whats the problem they never sent anything to Mars it was all a hoax on you stupid gullible brain dead sheeple.

    92. Yuriel Cundangan

      Ingenuity Helicopter: Departed for Mars Jon Batiste: Yes, INDEEEEEEEEDDDD!

    93. Yuriel Cundangan

      Ingenuity Helicopter: Departed for Mars Jon Batiste: Yes, INDEEEEEEEEDDDDDD!

    94. Peter Kotara

      Please, please tell me NASA isn't using imperial measurements.

      1. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

        It’s always amusing to see the odd precision of converted units.

      2. tpog2103

        No nerd would make it fly 16ft and 164ft. 16ft and 256ft maybe, but certainly not 164ft. 5m and 50m are ok though.

      3. Forest Fifer

        No, they're using metric, the TV show converted them to imperial. 16 ft and 164 ft instead of 5 m and 50 m.

    95. falco830

      That went from fun to cringe

    96. pakde sragen

    97. Henry Dawkins

      4mph I bet it broke the glass from the vibration 😊

      1. Henry Dawkins

        @MrGriff305 I was but only even with spell check my guessing isn't great.

      2. MrGriff305

        I guess you're referring to speed of sound. What is it on Mars, exactly?

    98. death13a

      They will need a broom to sweep all the bugs there

    99. martin stauce

      i think thats wat ya call funnneeeee

    100. Zesty

      "To sweep the cobwebs from the sky." "May I go with you?" "Yea, by and by."

      1. pakde sragen