Biden's Speech Promises "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs;" Rudy Raided By The Feds - LIVE MONOLOGUE

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    Stephen Colbert watched every minute of President Biden's address to Congress tonight, so in case you forgot to tune in, here's everything that happened plus an update on the legal troubles facing former presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Manchurian Joe

      Biden promises "jobs jobs jobs" April jobs report comes out: "Record low job growth." 🤦

    2. mason guritz

      Didn’t realize how unfunny your are

    3. Ronald Tolar

      Hey Stevie, you dont have to hide as a catholic anymore, you've been revealed to millions now as a Crypto. Cat's out of the bag.

    4. Tory Sama

      He makes so much sense. Biden is so smart.

    5. the world is not enough

      Anyone who supports Biden is either a sellout, uneducated or evil.

    6. Aaron Brooks

      Biden was fish-bumping?

    7. Liela Strong

      Who is that laughing in the back? So funny. Camera man?

    8. Josh Cade

      Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs... jobs.

    9. dripto roy

      Joe biden is a G....

    10. Jay Chris


    11. Fallon

      Why does it matter if two women are presiding? Should be two ppl regardless of gender. Woke throw up gag job. Weak Biden and disingenuous af.

    12. William Sroka

      Who is the gentleman who laughs at Stephen's jokes?

    13. JP Schlecht

      Joe is a real player 😂 he got them ladies like

    14. Tom Hutcheson

      Actually, I did know that wasn't Marty Walsh. What, do you think none of your viewers lives in Massachusetts? We're all watching Amy Goodman 24/7? Come on, Jack! Eat your beans!

    15. eddie sanchez

      I smell a bullsh*tter!

    16. T philipp


    17. petes place

      Lol Biden is so full of shit I wasted my vote on him should of voted Trump

    18. Syed Ali Wasif Darya Kazmi Shah

      Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs

    19. Syed Ali Wasif Darya Kazmi Shah

      No president has ever said those words, madame speaker, no president ever should :P (Republican way)

    20. Pat M

      why was pelosi blinking continuously non stop check it out whats up with that. fake biden where did he get all his focus from scary is he demented or is he on drugs. well hunter does make all the deals for him and the family.

    21. Wait! WHAT? Ok!

      Arizona Audit? Why is anyone Worried? Why is anyone worried about Water Marks? And Signature matching? And mishandling? Biden Won with the MOST VOTES EVER! IN THE CLEANEST ELECTION EVER! AND DON'T FORGET! HE IS THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT EVER! ALL HAIL! OUR SAVIOR! JESUS H. BIDEN! So you got nothing to worry about RIGHT?

    22. Wait! WHAT? Ok!

      @Stephen Colbert I'm still Personally waiting For Adam Schiff to produce! The more than "Circumstantial Evidence" he has on Trump colluding with the Russians! Could you please have him on! It's been over 4 year's now! I don't understand the wait!

    23. Torey

      Oh yes Its Ladies night Oh what a night ;)

    24. Red Stars

      hahahaha what jobs the ones he dont sell with his kick backs? Please stop the BS

    25. AmberDawn Terrell

      Oh my gawdess!!!!!!!!

    26. Daniel Andersson

      I don't know what he's talking about 'cause weed is way cheaper than it was 15-20 years ago, and better too.

    27. Zack Darce

      This is sad... The only person laughing is the cameraman and/or producer. He should retire.

    28. Mary McKim

      I just love him for saying “fish bumps”.🌻

    29. Black Pearl of Braavos

      That raccoon and old pizza box bit got me. Delicious.

    30. david b

      Omg the new Rudy segment toon had me in stitches. Can't stop watching it, absolutely hilarious 😂

    31. Martin Earl

      Joe 'sleepy 'creepy 'pervy' Biden 🤣

    32. Caroline Mc Carney

      SAVE LIZ fire mc carthy come on brave decent people power people have power

    33. dutchpy dutchpy

      The only JOBS Trump created are for the many lawyers he needs to stay out of jail.

    34. sarah greenslade

      I love a late show is so funny

    35. Sam Says

      over 500,000,000 tv sets in north america. 2,000,000 = 0.04 % (less than 1/2 of 1 %) watch this clown. thanks for cord-cutting

    36. A'Anouk'Ke

      Stephen, You literally make me cry when I hear your jokes. The way they portray people of color and every group that isn't white and catholic is so painful, it makes me cry. You are not really feeling what we are living in this moment in America, it is clear by the way you effortlessly deliver your script. Your script is written like this show is built to be a white power broadcast and you, Stephen, are the white power broadcaster smiling away at our pain. I have found independent broadcasters. They are brave and they do not fear talking about the reality we are all living. Every time you do not speak the truth, there is a pile of black bodies and a pile of the bodies of people of color. The white power broadcasters like you take up blocks and blocks and blocks. And you have power, Stephen. You have a career and you get to broadcast. There are literally so fucking many of us--people. You must think we are simple-minded. We do not feel you are speaking at all. We do not feel you are speaking to people. at all. since the first fucking day you went on air. You are speaking to your white power broadcast reflections that laugh and smile and clap at you, and the years go by and you are glowing with their adoration. Sincerely, Yours truly, and wow what a great fucking way to hold on to all the power and never give a fuck about independent broadcasts. You know them, right? The ones that literally disappear because. you know what. fuck you stephen. fuck all of you. Ana Gabriela Jackson Chaves

    37. Eric Sanchez

      Enjoy rudy hey it's the fortified city

    38. Eric Sanchez

      Don't bother me rally up

    39. Eric Sanchez

      Not worried about 75 buckhor

    40. Eric Sanchez

      Love his image it's funny but one things wrong my penni's ain't bitch

    41. Eric Sanchez

      But it's a thick air pump when needed just ask tay

    42. Eric Sanchez


    43. Eric Sanchez

      Love your image of the hidden rod of god but it was to shield it

    44. Eric Sanchez

      Con d dien ce cia umber till drill shed crack po all hog hat tary dent resi president demon 72 leg for arms demon with and anersial

    45. James Turner

      8:20 a space blanket is made of mylar. The material was used as a lightweight thermal barrier on the Lunar Module of the Saturn V, the Apollo moon landing vehicle.

    46. bobpcaramel

      Fish Bumping

    47. The Jam and Berries

      Bambo lol 😆

    48. CruxCraft com

      Just an observation, Stephen Colbert made a false statement when he said that that wasn't a photo of Marty Walsh, but rather a random photo on the internet. If it's truly a random photo, there is the inconceivable chance that it is a photo of Marty Walsh (unless Marty Walsh has absolutely zero internet presence, which I am doubtful). Not really important lol, just something I observed...

    49. Abby Cal

      The crew laughing behind Stephen is my favorite thing.

    50. mtacoustic1

      Talk is cheap; liberal democrat talk even more so.

    51. Adrian Colley

      1:11 "By the way, that wasn't Marty Walsh [...] and you didn't know that!" "John Oliver, on line one." "Ten grand."

    52. QPRTokyo

      Pathetic attempt of humour by a Biden fan. Tax tax tax tax.

    53. Truth Wins

    54. Abe Thinken

      U wanna diss Mahty Walsh lol. U just lost all six states of New England my friend.

    55. Sha Hussain

      Send Word Holy R0man War Saint Colbert to the Holy Romans* Mcaskeys to build Towers around Soldier Field , look at Dubai how land was built at the shore meaning We Abrahamic have the technology to build towers and(&) extra many extra high tower seats looking down at the Bears Field.

      1. Sha Hussain

        At the Same Time the Abrahamic Lord God's arch enemies is the germanic heathens

      2. Sha Hussain

        For Why Abrahamic Germans are the Most Cherished by the Abrahamic Lord God

      3. Sha Hussain

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    56. Sha Hussain

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      1. Sha Hussain

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      2. Sha Hussain

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      3. Sha Hussain

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    57. Sha Hussain

      For We have the Mormons and Taos & Jews to fill in the gaps that hindus disappear in India.

    58. Slater K

      It's gotten so for Trump now his lawyers need there own lawyers

    59. Slater K

      The Trend of Donald Trump's Criminal Empire is everybody who is connected to to it and lived dirty and abused there power while protected by Trump's shield is now coming to get them all this is only the beginning folks almost the whole USA has cases on Trump it's gotten so bad now that Trump's lawyers need lawyers if that doesn't tell you something then you really live on another planet

    60. jordydsge

      How many of you actually read each others comments? The audience is worse than the 'comic'. Total sh!#.

    61. jordydsge

      This is awful... Like worse than anything I have EVER seen. NOT A COMPLIMENT.

    62. Sha Hussain

      I Holy R0man Magnus Hussain 0rders, comience a armar a romanos y (&) latinos mexicanos para limpiar guadalajara, Statim!

      1. Sha Hussain

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      2. Sha Hussain

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      3. Sha Hussain

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      5. Sha Hussain

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    63. Mark Stewart

      Hey Stephen.......The "ET" and "PT" makes it not two different times. Its very accurate depending where you live. Idiot.

    64. Mark Stewart

      Dr. Ed.d 😂😂😂😂😂 Biden

    65. Sha Hussain

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    66. Xavi Neira

      I’m enjoying your show even more now.

    67. vcarter0723

      Whoever did the Rudy Giuliani graphic A+++

    68. Sha Hussain

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      1. Sha Hussain

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    69. Pizzazz Cabbage

      There's a job created right there, Rudy needs a good lawyer. 😂

    70. roberta clark

      OMG... A JOBS HAND!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    71. Terrance Mulcare

      I love this girl!

    72. Megan

      "bambo" oh my god

    73. John Oliver

      "a joint session" lol 😆😂

    74. Mr. S

      well considering how many jobs he cost in in just his first hundred days, even giving one person a job would be progress for him.

    75. ELLE C

      I love when Stephen gets cracked up and can hardly continue (starting ~ 12:14)!! LOOOVVVVEEEE it and the crew's laughter is the BEST!!!! #NoMoreLateShowStudioAudiences

    76. ELLE C

      Colbert: "If you were watching on Fox...First: What are you doing here?"😂🤣😂🤣 🤣 ☠

    77. ThePeperich

      Excellent show. I hope that POTUS achieves his goals, as they are the ones all Americans should have. Welcome back America 🇺🇲 - Europe 🇪🇺, no, the whole world 🇺🇳 missed you. Cheers from Germany 🇩🇪

    78. J. B. Benefield

      Lmao not the founding fathers Kool n The Gang! 😂😂😂

    79. Admiral Sham

      Dildo hut? Nonono, Donginos is where you wanna go. For a small fee they'll stuff your crust while you wait.

    80. mytexas days

      G g get a job. Old hippy song. Ladies night should have been the entrance song.

    81. mytexas days

      Good luck with that one. The agenda of Biden is going to take more than 4 years and more money than we have.

    82. Kimberly Payne

      That's Amazing

    83. Kimberly Payne

      It is so crazy they are so disrespectful Still can't figure out Cruz still loves 45 after he talked about his wife

    84. 鈴木美保代


    85. J H

      Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.-Lysander Spooner

    86. Rachel Erin

      I'm sorry, "fish-bumping?" XDD

    87. Sha Hussain

      Hello Stephen, So now it has been proven that what these evil heathens do is ravage an household, and have heathen look alike take over the household as if they are the real owners while the real household owner is cooked for dinner and noone ever knowing. There the heathen imposters will start arguments with the household family members to a point the family.memebers stop calling due to not wanting to argue and fight when it is in actuality not thier real family they are arguing with. These heathens are real evil.

      1. Sha Hussain

        And believe Me, after I Holy Roman Magnus Hussain showcased what kind of evil swarm these heathens are just recently for the FBI Agency to witness themselves, there will be no more heathens left! By the Time We are done with these evil heathens.

      2. Sha Hussain

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      3. Sha Hussain

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      5. Sha Hussain

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    88. Rachel Erin

      Hahaha the "jobs" montage XD

    89. Cameron Sitton

      5:50-6:01 this is the funniest delivery I've heard in a long time. Or maybe it's just that my humor is no longer dampened by the underlying terror and depression.

    90. monkeyRL

      "Dildo Hut!"..."No one out dildos The Hut"!! Bwahahahaha! =)

    91. brycey spiceywiener

      bill clinton flew on epstein's plane

    92. Marc Bollinger

      I'm sad they didn't go with Dildopolis instead of Dildo-hut. A random Community writer deserves an unexpected shout out a decade after the fact.

    93. terry baker

      Biden is destroying this country, yeah, jobs jobs jobs all for China, maybe 58 percent of democrats approve of Biden, but not America, it's only a matter of time, the democrats are out

    94. Free World2021

      Trump build the border? What border these industries use? Industries are waiting- use boots attach rolls and horns at the border.

    95. Robert Ainey

      Evy, you've outdone yourself; now it's guffaws, not just chuckles. Keep it up so Stephen's ratings are.

    96. Free World2021

      " No dollar, we volunteer"! and the bad god consequences! I wish I could write in currier format for you and your audience. PRO abortion of the International Monetary Fund, Federal Banks and Central BANKS and your HERO, Bill Gates, that replaced JESUS, owning all the lands. Abort Religions, their GOD is not good, you can overthrown them all

    97. D.S.W. Cartoons

      Nice jorb out there, Biden!

    98. Hannah Getto

      As a Bostonian i knew instantly that wasn’t Marty Walsh

    99. D Bone

      Ah yes... Crisatunity.

    100. Randy JustRandy

      Loving how President Trump is still living rent-free in Colbert's head.