Jane Fonda Takes The Colbert Questionert

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    Do you really know someone if you don't know which is their favorite sandwich? Or their favorite action movie? Didn't think so. That's why Stephen seeks answers to these questions from the iconic Jane Fonda in this edition of The Colbert Questionert. #Colbert #JaneFonda #TheColbertQuestionert
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. leahartlee29

      I love Jane at any age.... she is simply amazing!

    2. Gatina 77

      When we die, nothing happens. We are resting, sort of sleeping, no thoughts, no more pain, no more suffering. Hopeful of resurrection when earth has been transformed into a beautiful paradise, far from greed, war, pain or sickness.

    3. Trinity Wright

      Who gives a flying flip with Jane Fonda AKA Hanley Jane thanks? What did those people suffer on the count of the words that she said. I've never watched anything she's done or listen to it since and I'm not watching this video.



    5. Stephanie Petit

      Stephen Colbert. WTF.?.??

    6. C.S. Unger

      Eight minutes of my life I will never get back.

    7. Mullah Baksheesh

      Hanoi Jane NEVER FORGET

    8. Beatrice Owusu Achaw

      You ask for a sandwich in the middle of pandemic Ei hmmm you make me laugh. God bless you all

    9. Linda Slattery

      Would love Stephan to interview Vietnam Vets and ask what they think of Jane Fonda.

    10. David Kral

      What a couple of sell out pukes!

    11. Melinda Douglas

      I’m not watching Colbert until he goes back into the studio in front of a live audience. He’s such a wuss! What’s he afraid of?!

    12. Ron G.L.

      Its an awful attempt at Bernard Pivot's questions asked by the great James Lipton. Pivots questions had more depth, and were not washed over for rating. The original were: What is your favorite word? What is your least favorite word? What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? What turns you off? What is your favorite curse word? What sound or noise do you love? What sound or noise do you hate? What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? What profession would you not like to do? If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? This is a lame attempt at an alternative. Pay the money and get the right questions.

    13. Sampson Simpson

      Jane Fonda miss avoid climate catastrophe and watch your plastic purchases eco warrior, telling people how great bacon eggs, and cheese are!? No compassion for the animals she consumes for her pleasure and no regard for the environmental destruction those products produce, what a piece or garbage. What a hypocritical fake.


      Jane is morphing into Joan Rivers as do most ladies who overdose on fillers, botox etc. They all end up looking like identical aliens from a galaxy far far away.

    15. Wayne Masters

      We will live long young together forever.

    16. HPMcQueen

      Jane Fonda asked Muhammed Ali & Willie Mays for their autographs. That's awesome.

    17. Nora Steel

      Jane Fonda is our National Treasure! Love her to bits! 💕

    18. Megan

    19. Sandra Shevey

      This guy is awful!

    20. Sandra Shevey

      The Beatles or Judy Garland...

    21. Sandra Shevey

      Lilacs agree!

    22. Sandra Shevey

      That hat!

    23. Dallas Nyberg

      Her, somewhat, stylishly remodeled face, spoiled by the appearance of her hands from hell. The truth is out there.

    24. Janet Scully

      Too bad she had so much plastic surgery and still needs to overpower her face with false eyelashes and strong makeup. She was so beautiful naturally. She almost seems to have to live up to her new look. Asking seniors questions is just as difficult for Jane as any other senior. Her life has been an extraordinary one. Her brother Peter was very talented. I just lost interest after her cosmetic surgeries. What kind of message did that send to women without her gifts?

    25. Line Dallaire

      Recommending the book THE CHINA STUDY by Dr Campbell

    26. Catherine Rodriguez

      Love you Jane. Bong. She speaks the truth.🗽👵🌹❤️🎇

    27. Maryanne Melenka

      Well we shut eyes and stop breathing

    28. Delicate Lace

      Fonda is a communist. Shut up Colbert. Your so yesterday.

    29. Renate Lewis


      1. Pollack Morgan

        How are you doing 😊👋☺️

    30. Judy Merz

      As usual I'm reading the comments. Do none of you remember her as a traitor? As a big mouth liberal? I can't stand to look at this woman.

    31. Michelle Gulden

      I actually thought she meant straw. I was wondering why she thought an apple could be used as a straw. Lmao

    32. Roy Heffner

      Jane looks great and is so cool.

    33. Lady Kuether

      I LOVE the smell of Lilac too

    34. Velina Brown

      I love her.

    35. Grace Waszkiewicz

      Show me your hands and I will tell you how old you are. You cannot do hand-lift. Hands tell the truth...

    36. Dolly Choueri

      Sorry Jane but you don’t look good with grey hair, why were you thinking of.

    37. Walter Nicolas


    38. Walter Nicolas

      Wonderful channel

    39. Walter Nicolas

      Nice one

    40. Walter Nicolas

      Beautiful channel lovely

    41. Kimberly

      Wow I no longer recognize her.

      1. Walter Nicolas

        Hello Kimberly how are you doing today ?

    42. Jennifer Harris

      I loved her "plastic bottles" answer. Her voice is exactly the same as in her fitness videos, and for some odd reason, that is comforting.

    43. Edith's Mom

      Can't stand her. Elitist. Hanoi Jane. Youngsters have no idea how odious she is to veterans of Viet Nam.

      1. Kathy KB

        Go away then. Bye.

    44. Rebekah Woodford

      I've been bitten by a brown recluse a course of antibiotice and three months to heal and a scar

      1. Pollack Morgan

        How are you doing 😊👋👋🙏

    45. Avery W

      Jane Fonda really said that apples are the best fruit because you can use them as a bong 😂😂😂 what a legend

    46. Barbara Chrvenak

      Wish people would accept the aging process.

    47. BebbiaJ

      How does someone look that good at 123? (the bio says 83 but it's always under).

    48. J B

      What a useless questionnaire

    49. Debra Donato

      Look what Exercise did for her♥️🌟💕🙏

    50. Boston Bean

      Knowing Jane Fonda made a bong out of an apple has made my day 💘

    51. Kathy Cotton

      Omg. How can people forget what she did to our soldiers. Like knife in my heart how my friends were so hurt.

    52. wu di

      Favorite Smell: The smell of smoke when, at a fireplace with friends Least Favorite Smell: The smell of smoke when, not at a fireplace with friends

    53. Self Help Group

      I love that Jane Fonda has turned herself into the white Jada Pinkett Smith.

    54. Cindy Holliman

      She will always be a traitor to our America. Disgraceful

      1. Kathy KB

        You don't hafta watch.

    55. Dee Dee

      I'd love Mr. Colbert to ask me his questionert.

    56. Ant Bee

      Jane still hot like Bill Maher said

    57. John Kim

      threadbare - -life long spooks - -with only each other to rectum baste - - and in 2021 - -even Rockefeller MAO is reaching for the remote - -

    58. V Star

      I’m so pleased that she’s intelligent enough not to believe in a heavenly afterlife. When your dead, you’re dead.

      1. Mary Swoboda/Pishney

        Unfortunately once one dies the reality of heaven and hell will be apparent and ireversible. She once claimed to be a born again Christian, so sad she denies that now.

      2. Lolo Dee

        Her answer was great.

    59. Debbie Sullivan

      ❤️ Jane Fonda 🌷💚

    60. B. E.

      right on JANE!

    61. Denir Ferraz


    62. Dallas L

      Describe your life in five words: My first thought was: "I hope I never die." My second thought was: "I really want to die." Is this bad?

      1. All Me

        It just means that you recognize this world has a lot of flaws, but are uncertain of what awaits you when you leave it. I personally believe in God & Jesus. I'm not forcing that on anyone, it's just what I believe.

    63. Felicia Mamrak

      Why did Hanoi Jane show up in my feed?

      1. Kathy KB

        Why did you feel the need to comment?

    64. Henrik

      She now looks like she could be related to the Joker.

    65. Camille P

      She has the BEST personality - 👏❤️

    66. y1521t21b5

      3:29 She wasn't expecting that vociferous an endorsement ;-)

    67. BLT001

      Empire of the Sun may not be an action movie, but it's still an EXCELLENT movie! I actually got really excited when Jane Fonda picked that one.

    68. ramonovski2

      what happened to her face? Car accident? Oh no, sorry. Faye Dunawaye and Catherine Deneuve way of life

    69. Georgia Snell

      Amazing Jane Fonda. You go girl!

    70. lily boone

      Been bitten by a brown recluse in bed... truly terrifying!!!!

    71. rae0521

      Whatever you think of Jane Fonda there's no denying she's no couch potato. She gets involved and acts on her convictions. IMO, it takes a lot more than proper nutrition and exercise to look like that at age 83. What's she got against aging gracefully as nature intends?

    72. joseph prosser

      Jane Fonda....the MGM lion inside me shook his mane and roared.

    73. Lora O'Flahrity

      She is so incredible 😍

      1. Pollack Morgan

        @Lora O'Flahrity Where are you from if i may ask?

      2. Lora O'Flahrity

        @Walter Nicolas hello Walter Nicolas, do I know you?

      3. Walter Nicolas

        Hello Lora how are you doing today ?

    74. D Mayer

      She is starting to look like Carol Burnett. Needs to stop with the facial fillers.

    75. Laurie Janes

      Plastic surgery much?! Why are no women in Hollywood allowed to age, but men can?

    76. Element Gypsy

      Your hair in the intro looked great Stephen! Just the right length to give the vibe of layed back and cool intellectual and yet a tad bit of serious professional. Clean yet fluffy and cool. I think the heavy gel makes you look older. The salt and pepper is not too gray and makes a great color on the dry more natural look.... (OMG do you remember The Dry Look? an ad from the 1970's? for mens' hair product...omg I had not thought of that in decades! ) omg this is why I should work more with writing and skits. omg. your are great man.

    77. make it make sense

      Ok I like this new segment

    78. Olaf Bolten

      A great actress and a wonderful person, but I almost didn't recognize her at first. For an American it may be normal, but being a European I would say she's had way too much work done. The typical facial features nearly all vanished.

    79. Michel C.

      So John Oliver thinks Stephen has everything on his mind, and Jane thinks he has half a brain?

    80. Cheri

      This was stupid

    81. William Short

      Very smart lady, in amazing form for her age

    82. Jaash Singh

      Ugh I love her. Also - how has Stephen never seen Empire of the Sun?

    83. Christina Veale

      Stephen read "Empire of the sun" you will not regret it.

    84. soonercody

      83 yo and smokin hot.

    85. Susan Crawford

      Finally I have something in common with Jane Fonda: I asked Muhammad Ali for his autograph when I was only 13. My friend and I (we were very young 13's), and he was in Toronto to fight George Chuvalo. He was staying in a motel across from where I lived and when we knocked on the door his manager answered, woke him up and he came to the door yawning and gave us his autograph. We wished him luck. He was 23.

    86. celia jane

      jane fonda is a traitor and u should have skipped her.

    87. Richard Ivonen

      Jane always had and has a unique energy about her.

    88. K. Brown

      Anyone else want to see what Stephen Colbert said after Jane Fonda told him Towering Inferno was her favorite action film. That was such an abrupt cut lol.

    89. joorihan

      JF with ALL the right answers.

    90. Holly B

      It's my favorite thing that Jane Fonda's favorite breakfast is a bfast burrito

    91. JayCzzzYa

      I had to look up her age. She is 83! She looks Amazing!

    92. Corinne Downes

      Let’s Stay Together was our tune going up the aisle on March 24, 2009. Jane’s favourite tune.

    93. HarveyCan 58

      Still smart, wise, funny, gorgeous, brave, adventurous, talented and sexy... Whether 23 or 83...a true original...

      1. Denir Ferraz

        usfilm.info/fire/atdyl4B9qrxqlao/video.html .

    94. graham mewburn

      The living know they will die The dead know nothing Ecclesiastes The Sacred Bible

    95. sugarcookiecube

      Jane Fonda is an American icon and a legend.

      1. Denir Ferraz

        usfilm.info/fire/atdyl4B9qrxqlao/video.html .

    96. Joyce Taylor

      The plastic surgeon sure went to town on her face (not in a good way) but her hands show her true age

    97. Steve Savicki


    98. tommy nevils

      Lilacs in bloom, rarest perfume! What a beautiful fragrance!

    99. Elger Lorenzsonn

      best action movie Deeefinitly Empire of Sun!! Colbert?!!!?never seen??? pleeeze-watch tonite!!

    100. Fran Evanisko

      Remember what it was like before you were born? It's just like that!